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A web server is basically the engine that runs a website. The server is responsible for hosting content, thus enabling the site to be viewed and its resources accessed. A good server or server services are critical to the success of a business that depends on a website such as an e-commerce site.

There are several types of hosting services available. The dedicated server option is the best for businesses that largely depend on a website. A dedicated server is a server only dedicated to running a specific client’s website. All its resources are utilized by the site to deliver outstanding performance.

So, which one is better, buying a server or renting a server? To answer this, let’s look at the factors to consider before making this decision.

The costs

The cost of running a server at your home or office can be quite high. Servers consume a lot of energy in the form of electricity. They have components that draw in a lot of power to process information fast. They also run throughout to guarantee uptime.

Due to high power consumption, servers produce a lot of noise and heat. They need a cooling mechanism to keep them from blowing out. The costs of cooling the server room added to other expenses can quickly push the bill up.

In the US, the cost of domestic power is a little higher as compared to industrial power. Running the server from home can be more costly because the power rates are higher in residential areas. The server also needs other resources such as its own room to isolate the noise and replacements of parts now and then.

In terms of cost, running the server from home is more expensive as compared to a datacenter that enjoys economies of scale.

Redundancy and reliability

A website needs to be available at any time of the day or night. Clients access servers during different times depending on their location and availability. The server therefore needs to have resources that guarantee fulltime availability.

In the case of a power blackout, a data center has other options such as UPS units and backup generators. In a data center, several servers are available to ensure the availability of the site even when one goes out. The other servers take on the job of hosting as redundant servers. This is critical in guaranteeing uptime.

In a home environment, such resources might not be readily available. Purchasing servers that could take on the job when one fails requires a lot of money. The average cost of a good server with average specs and components is at least $2500. It may be hard to guarantee uptime in a private setting since mitigating some of the issues that cause a downtime might require one to make a substantial investment.

Bandwidth and network resources

A server requires a lot of bandwidth and good network resources to process requests fast. Data centers are usually located in areas that have high-speed networks that are built for such companies. Getting high-speed networks that are required to run a server effectively can be hard in residential areas.

This is because most residential internet connections are meant for domestic consumption. Running a server on such networks could be a security threat. It might also be hard to guarantee uptime in case there is no internet and the issue is not resolved swiftly.

Technical expertise and support

Servers run on the latest and quite complex software and technology. To run the servers, you need to be competent and have the knowledge required to administrate them effectively. A server needs to have a technician dedicated around the clock to attend to issues as they arise. Hiring technical expertise can be quite costly, especially if they are needed around the clock.

Most firms decide to rent a hosting server or buying their own depends on their specific needs. Practically, it is much better to rent a dedicated server because it helps to relieve all the stress of running the server.

If a firm’s needs for a private server surpass the cost, however, buying a server might be a good idea. This is because it helps to maintain control and privacy.

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