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NVMe Servers


1xSilver 4116, 64GB, 2x960GB NVMe, 300M – $89/mo.
1xSilver 4116, 128GB, 2x960GB NVMe, 300M – $99/mo.
1xSilver 4116, 128GB, 2×1.92TB NVMe, 300M – $119/mo.
1xGold 6152, 128GB, 2×1.92TB NVMe, 300M – $159/mo.
1xGold 6152, 128GB, 2×3.84TB NVMe, 300M – $189/mo.

10gbps server

New Low Prices For 10GBPS In Atlanta, Phoenix

E5-2650Lv4, 64GB, 2×1.92TB SSD, 2G – $164/mo.
1xSilver 4116, 64GB, 2x960GB NVMe, 2G – $169/mo.
E5-2650Lv4, 128GB, 2×1.92TB SSD, 2G – $179/mo.
1xSilver 4116, 128GB, 1.92TB NVMe, 2G – $199/mo.
1xGold 6152, 128GB, 1.92TB NVMe, 2G – $239/mo.

Storage Server Chassis


1xE5-2650Lv4, 64GB, 3x14TB HDD, 300M – $129/mo.
1xSilver 4116, 96GB, 2x760GB SSD, 3x12TB HDD, 300M – $159/mo.
2xSilver 4116, 192GB, 2x760GB SSD, 6x16TB HDD, 2G – $349/mo.



AMD Dual EPYC 2×7502 64c/128t, 512GB, 2×1.92TB SSD, 2x4TB NVMe, 2G Unmetered – $599/mo.

Storage Server Chassis


1xSilver 4208, 192GB, 2x480GB SSD, 2×7.68TB NVMe, 32x18TB HDD, 3G Unmetered – $1,599/mo.


GTHost offers comprehensive options for Dedicated Instant Servers throughout the U.S., Canada, Middle East and Europe. Our server solutions provide affordable, reliable and fast service for your website with 24/7 customer support, in-house maintenance, low-cost trial periods, unmetered bandwidth and FREE setup in less than 15 minutes.

To find Dedicated Instant Servers in your area now, contact GTHost HERE!

Affordable Dedicated Instant Servers In Minutes

With GTHost, our dedicated instant servers are available in as little as 5 to 15 minutes of your payment. Choose your ideal options for storage, bandwidth, server location and other key features then choose your payment method and your server will be just minutes away from helping you get the best in reliable website performance.

How Dedicated Instant Servers Benefit Your Site

Dedicated instant servers offer a superior user experience compared to shared servers which run more slowly and often do not have robust or reliable maintenance. With GTHost’s servers, you get exceptional speed and no downtime thanks to our dedicated team of in-house maintenance providers.

With increased speed, your website will also have these potential benefits:

Reduced Cart Abandonment: Cart abandonment is a major problem for online retailers and one study showed that 40% of online shoppers abandoned their cart because the page load time exceeded 3 seconds. With faster processing from our dedicated instant servers, you give your site the advantage it needs to reduce cart abandonment.
Increased Page Ranking: Because slow page loading is such an important part of the way users perceive a site, Google uses site speed as part of its page ranking system. A lower page ranking means your site is further down the search results page making it less likely for potential customers to find your site.
Improved User Experience: A fast site, no downtime and low latency help to create a superior user experience allowing your customers to enjoy and interact with your site more fully.

Benefits Of Our Dedicated Instant Servers

Along with our fast setup, GTHost provides features and customization options that make our servers affordable, reliable and convenient. Each server package we offer includes these benefits:

Lowest Latency: Improve user experience and site performance with our low latency rates. With low latency, your network is optimized to process messages quickly which allows your customers to interact with your site seamlessly and efficiently.
In-house Dedicated Instant Servers Maintenance: We personally perform all maintenance This not only allows us to ensure less issues and troubleshoot problems quickly, but also allows us to give you better quality service at a lower price than maintenance that is outsourced to a third party.
24/7 customer service: Never be stuck with a server issue when you have access to our 24/7 customer service which helps you get service when you need.
Customizable server packages: Choose from a wide range of options with our customizable packages which include choices for speed, location, cost, and storage.
Short Term Contracts: At GTHost, we work to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our servers and this is why we offer short contracts. Short term contracts allow you greater flexibility, service and peace of mind.
FREE Setup: Our FREE setup of our dedicated instant servers ensures you can have your site up and running quickly without adjustments to your budget.
Low-cost trial period: Choose from our options for speed, cost, bandwidth and server location and test the ones that are right for your needs before choosing a full contract. For just $5/day you can enjoy the full experience of our dedicated instant servers then, once your trial is over, you’ll have the option to choose a different trial or to start a contract.
Unmetered Bandwidth: Unlike other dedicated instant servers, ours come with unmetered bandwidth which means you will never be hit with unexpected fees when you have higher than normal volumes of traffic.
Looking Glass: With our Looking Glass server portal you get a dynamic tool that allows administrators to do their jobs better with a more user-friendly interface. Our looking glass allows you to perform several key tests including Ping, Trace and Host queries for easier troubleshooting and analysis.