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18 Locations | Real-Time Listing | Full specs | 1-10 days low-cost trial | Delivery in 5-15 mins 24/7 | No setup fees

Unmetered and Guaranteed bandwidth from 300Mbps to 10Gbps

Choosing the Best Dedicated Server for You

Instant Server
Setup in 15 mins

Chassis: Supermicro Blade
CPU: Xeon D-1531
Frequency: c6/t12 2.2-2.7GHz
RAM: 16Gb DDR4 2133MHz
Storage: 480GB SSD
Bandwidth: 300Mbit/s Unmetered
IPMI: Included
From US $59/month Daily trial price: US $5/day
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Instant Server
Setup in 15 mins

Chassis: Supermicro Blade
CPU: Xeon 1xE5-2650Lv4
Frequency: c14/t28 1.7-2.5GHz
RAM: 64Gb DDR4 2400MHz
Storage: 2x960GB SSD
Bandwidth: 300Mbit/s Unmetered
IPMI: Included
From US $84/month Daily trial price: US $6/day
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Instant Server
Setup in 15 mins

Chassis: Supermicro Blade
CPU: Xeon 1xE5-2695v4
Frequency: c18/t36 2.1-3.3GHz
RAM: 128Gb DDR4 2400MHz
Storage: 2x960GB SSD
Bandwidth: 300Mbit/s Unmetered
IPMI: Included
From US $129/month Daily trial price: US $7/day
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Why Choose GTHost Dedicated Servers for Your Business


No Hidden Fees

GTHost ensure complete transparency with all pricing. Your final cost is itemized and complete before your first payment is due. Access your account billing through our easy customer dashboard to see each charge, make changes and get pricing questions answered quickly.


Industry Leading Dedicated Server Equipment

Our systems employ leading brand dedicated servers with state-of-the-art components including Samsung, Seagate and Micron storage and Intel CPU. With better components we can guarantee better service across all dedicated servers.


100% Network Uptime

We know your time is important and downtime for your company, employees and customers can be a major drain on your resources. This is why GTHost is committed to providing continuous, 100% network uptime guarantee. With optimal equipment and a knowledgeable team, we make sure you’re never stuck waiting on our dedicated servers.

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Servers in UNITED STATES, Canada & EUROPE
  • Europe
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  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
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  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
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  • New York
  • Santa Clara
  • Seattle
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Vancouver
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • London
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About GTHost

GTHost is committed to bringing clients across the USA, Canada and Europe better, more reliable dedicated servers rental. Our team of security and tech experts are dedicated to maintaining and controlling our servers in-house to eliminate the costs and unreliability associated with third-party maintenance. With our model of comprehensive security and maintenance we’re able to offer better coverage, 100% uptime and faster speeds all at lower costs than other dedicated server hosts.

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Our Network

/64 IPv6 Available upon Request
Looking Glass, Live network graphs
Low Latency between the USA, Europe, Asia
Selected Premium Tier-1 Bandwidth Providers
100GE Network Infrastructure Powered by Juniper
Unmetered and Guaranteed bandwidth from 300Mbps to 10Gbps

Looking Glass Tool

Dedicated Server Packages

GTHost offers 3 levels of bare metal server packages to meet your budget, bandwidth, storage and speed requirements. Other factors to consider when choosing your unmanaged dedicated server include:
• How Much Storage Do You Need? GTHost offers storage options starting at 120 GB and up. Know your storage needs ahead of time to choose the right option for you.
• How Fast do you Need Your Processor? GTHost offers fast processing speeds at all levels but recommend our higher-level packages when using chat servers which are a specialized application and for virtual reality applications, video-transcoding and SQL.
• What is Your Traffic Level? Knowing the levels of traffic your website experiences will help you decide on your required bandwidth to ensure the needs of your users are met.
• How Much Memory Does Your Site Use? Choose your memory/RAM levels to optimize speed and minimize lag time.
• What is Your Operating System? GTHost offers options for Linux and Windows operating system users.

Get Your Instant Server
Enterprise Hardware

Operation Systems


Get Instant Dedicated Servers From GTHost

GTHost offers multiple levels of server options, monitoring and maintenance to suit your budget. We ensure that each level of our servers perform at or above their guaranteed levels with our top premium dedicated server packages providing the ultimate in reliability, personal service and more.


Continuous Network Improvements

GTHost knows the key to providing optimal service is to continuously upgrade and monitor our systems to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency. Each unmanaged dedicated server user has access to viewing real-time network connectivity and channel speeds through our data centers. Fast troubleshooting and problem identification are available through our Looking Glass which lets you run BGP, traceroute, and ping.

In-House Dedicated Server Maintenance

To maintain the integrity of our dedicated servers, the GTHost team personally maintains each of our servers. By bypassing the middleman, we’re able to provide better service at a cheaper price than other bare metal server networks. Affordable dedicated servers.

Lowest Latency

GTHost maintains control over our unmanaged dedicated servers, using our own IP addresses and AS to ensure fastest speed in messaging and other functions. We personally choose uplinks for our clients to increase reliability, speed and security.

Instant Activation Dedicated Server

GTHost provides Instant Activation Dedicated Servers in 8 locations. More than 100 instant dedicated servers available in 5-15 minutes after payment 24/7 with a fully automatic installation of Linux OS: Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD.

24/7 Customer Support

GTHost works to ensure your service works to optimal levels at all times but when there is an issue, our support team is here to answer questions and troubleshoot for you. Use our email, chat or free service line to reach our team quickly.

1-10 Days of Trial

Get to know your affordable server before you commit to a full month or more of service. We offer up to 10 days trial before you commit for a special low price from $5/day to let you experiment with which speed level, storage and other factors are perfect for your business. You can easily rent dedicated servers for tests.

Get Started with an affordable Dedicated Server Hosting

GTHost makes it fast, cost-effective and easy to begin using your server. Our dedicated staff is here to help you choose the right server package for you and your company. For the best in reliable dedicated server rental, contact GTHost today.

Choose a trial period or get started with a no hidden fee, short contract by contacting us through our simple form. Contact Us Now