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Trial price:5$/day
Supermicro Blade
Xeon D-1531
c6/t12 2.2-2.7GHz
16Gb DDR4 2133MHz
300Mbit/s Unmetered
Trial price:6$/day
Supermicro Blade
Xeon 1xE5-2650Lv4
c14/t28 1.7-2.5GHz
64Gb DDR4 2400MHz
2x960GB SSD
300Mbit/s Unmetered
Trial price:7$/day
Supermicro Blade
Xeon 1xE5-2695v4
c18/t36 2.1-3.3GHz
128Gb DDR4 2400MHz
2x960GB SSD
300Mbit/s Unmetered
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Unmetered Bandwidth For Atlanta Dedicated Servers

Are you in Atlanta, Georgia, and need to host your website on some of the best dedicated server hosting in the US? You’re in luck! GTHost Atlanta dedicated servers are always ready to meet your needs.

GTHost Atlanta dedicated servers are highly affordable, offering the unbeatable prices for truly exceptional service. At GTHost, you never have to pay any fees for set up, and you can have your dedicated server all set up in as little as five (5) minutes.

GTHost Atlanta dedicated servers offer increased security, privacy and guarantee no downtimes, unlike shared servers. With GTHost dedicated servers, you can be assured that all the server resources are at your disposal, shared by no other user, to bring you the maximum productivity and efficiency you deserve.

Do you have any questions or inquiries about our Atlanta dedicated servers? Our team of experienced customer care agents and technical experts are always available to attend to your every need, and guide you through whatever process you may be finding trouble with.

Start your journey to site efficiency and effectiveness with GTHost by mailing to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can fill our contact form available on our online platforms.

Unmetered Bandwidth For Ashburn Dedicated Servers
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Running an online business in a competitive business location such as Ashburn with a poorly performing site can impede your business growth. Top businesses understand how dedicated servers give them an edge over their competitors, and as such, invest a great deal in highly functional dedicated servers to run their sites. You shouldn’t be left out.

If you’re on a tight budget yet in need of the best Ashburn dedicated servers service providers in the country, GTHost is for you. Highly reputed for consistently leading the industry in quality equipment procurement, GTHost dedicated servers also offer the lowest prices possible.

With no setup fees and less than five minutes in setup time, you can set up and operate your dedicated servers in Ashburn instantly without hitches. GTHost dedicated servers offer its Ashburn server users maximum privacy, security, personalization, and no downtimes.

You’re also never left without support. Our team of experienced experts are always on standby to help out with your troubleshooting needs and any questions you may have.

Partner with us and stay ahead of your business competitors right away! Fill our online contact forms or mail to [email protected] to get you started.

How can Chicago dedicated servers help your business?

Get the speed and reliability your site needs with GTHost’s Chicago dedicated servers. We offer a wide range of features, options and packages to meet your budget and needs for quality servers in Chicago. Dedicated servers from GTHost also come with our exceptional customer service and comprehensive maintenance and support.

Unsure if you need Chicago dedicated servers? While shared servers may seem cheaper at first, they can cause your site to lose business because of their slow speeds, especially when it comes to a high-traffic area like Chicago. Dedicated servers in a thriving urban area like this are even more important and can help give your business the boost it needs – by reducing cart abandonment and even increasing your page ranking through major search engines. To learn more about what GTHost’s Chicago Dedicated Servers can do for you, contact us today!

Improve page load times with Dallas dedicated servers.

Give your site the boost it needs with quality Dallas dedicated servers from GTHost. Featuring unmetered bandwidth, fast and free setup and maintenance from our own team of experts, GTHost’s Dallas dedicated servers will get your site running faster than ever to serve you and your clients better.

What else can Dallas dedicated servers do for you? When first starting a site, many owners will choose a shared server due to its lower initial cost, but that savings may end up being more expensive in the long run. Because of its slow speed, a shared server is more than just an inconvenience – it can force customers to abandon their carts on your site if the page doesn’t load quickly enough which also negatively impacts your page ranking on Google.

With GTHost’s Dallas dedicated servers you get increased speeds that will make your entire site look better to customers and to search engines. Don’t let a slow server affect your site for one more day, mail to [email protected] for a FREE trial or a setup in as little as 5 minutes!

Unmetered bandwidth for Denver dedicated servers.

Being the capital of Colorado and doubling as its most populous city, Denver is a beehive of social and commercial activities. Life in Denver is on the fast lane, and the resultant effect; individuals taking advantage of the internet to deliver instant goods and services to ensure sync with the fast-paced way of life.

To this end, only businesses with highly functional and easily navigable sites enjoy steady patronage and brand loyalty. Ensuring that your business sites are maximally running is as such, a priority to many Denver business owners.

GTHost understands this and works tirelessly round the clock to ensure that businesses in Denver enjoy the unique benefits of having an efficient dedicated server at the best possible prices. At GTHost, we deliver unmetered bandwidth for our Denver dedicated servers to ensure that there is a seamless flow of data at all times.

We also offer free instant setup services to enable our users to operate fully functional sites in no time. We are the industry leaders in quality infrastructure and equipment, and boast of one of the most efficient customer care delivery services in the Denver dedicated hosting industry.

Wo take advantage of our amazing dedicated server hosting services, mail to [email protected], or fill our online contact forms to get started.

Fast and free setup for Los Angeles dedicated servers.

Los Angeles is known for its traffic on the roads, but that high population also means traffic online as well. Dedicated servers from GTHost can help you and your customers avoid online roadblocks with faster speeds, no fee setups, in-house maintenance and a host of other benefits.

Why are Los Angeles dedicated servers important for your business? Having dedicated servers is about more than just making your site faster, though that is a big advantage! Faster speeds can actually help to reduce cart abandonment on your site because many customers point to slow page loading as the reason they left a site. Even more importantly, page loading times affect your search ranking which means a slow site can reduce the number of people who will see your business in their results.

Are you ready to make the switch to Los Angeles dedicated servers? GTHost is here to help! We offer setup options in as little as 5 minutes! Get started now by visiting our contact us page.

Low-cost trials for Miami dedicated servers.

Get a server that can meet the demands of your site today and as your business grows with GTHost’s Miami dedicated servers. At GTHost, we’re committed to offering the features, benefits and server packages you need to make your site the fastest and most user friendly possible for your customers. How do we ensure our servers make your site even better?

  • Unmetered Bandwidth: never worry about overage costs when you experience a high volume of traffic!
  • Fast and FREE Setup: Get Miami dedicated servers that meet your schedule and budget needs with speedy, no fee setup!
  • Low Latency: We offer the lowest latency speeds for a smooth, seamless user experience.
  • Affordable Trial Periods: We know that choosing the right server for your business is a big decision and that is why we offer affordable, no obligation trial periods on all our Miami dedicated servers.

Ready to choose your server package or start a trial? The GTHost team is available to answer questions, start your setup and help troubleshoot around your schedule. To get started, mail to [email protected] or visit our contact page!

Unmetered bandwidth for New York dedicated servers!

Get your site setup in a New York minute with GTHost’s fast, affordable New York dedicated servers! GTHost offers New York dedicated servers in as little as 5 minutes with no setup fee to meet your needs better.

How do dedicated servers help your site? Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers are exclusively for your use meaning you do not have to contend with an overload of traffic due to other sites on your server. Not only does this reduce page loading time for a better user experience, it can also decrease cart abandonment and improve your page ranking.

Want to learn more about how GTHost can help your site? Our professional team is available to troubleshoot, answer questions and get you started on the path to a better, faster site. Mail to [email protected] or use our simple online contact form for even more ways to get the server your site deserves.

Unmetered bandwidth for Santa Clara dedicated servers.

The city of Santa Clara plays host to some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Some of these include Intel, Nvidia, and Oracle among others. The presence of these top tier tech companies ensure that the city of Santa Clara remains a beehive of economic activities.

Targeting a demographic of this sort can be challenging, to say the least. Thankfully, GTHost offers a wide range of unrivalled services in unmetered bandwidth, flexible trial payment plans, and fast setup and maintenance of dedicated servers.

GTHost strives to provide the best quality of service to prospective clients by ensuring a 24/hour team of seasoned customer support representatives. This means that you never have to suffer technical challenges associated with dedicated servers

GTHost dedicated servers in Santa Clara ensures other benefits such as

  • Low latency;
  • Reduced rates of cart abandonment;
  • Better Google rankings;
  • Scheduled server maintenance.

We encourage you to take advantage of our exceptional dedicated server hosting services. Please contact us.

Seattle dedicated servers.

Seattle is known for many things including a rich music history and iconic coffee. Most recently, though it has earned the distinction of being the fastest growing tech hub. This bustling and thriving city is set to attract even more businesses and young tech professionals as innovative companies set up shop and more technology-focused jobs are created.

While this growth means great things, it also means greater competition and a need to take every advantage a company can get. This includes ensuring your company’s website is never left in the dust simply because it doesn’t have fast enough loading speeds or bandwidth. One way to ensure this is to invest in Seattle dedicated servers.

At GTHost, we’re committed to providing a cheap dedicated server USA clients can rely on to be affordable, reliable and able to keep up with the speed of your business without hidden costs or surprise charges. We make the process of choosing a cheap dedicated server easier by providing the lowest latency along with short contracts, customizable options to fit your business, and comprehensive maintenance and security services.

U.S. markets have a wide range of choices when it comes to dedicated servers and that means you have to be even more diligent when choosing one for your business. Picking the wrong server can mean a long contract with increasing rates, poor storage, high latency and inadequate or overpriced maintenance options.

Key Features That Make Our Cheap Dedicated Server – USA Fast And Affordable

GTHost is committed to creating servers that are not only fast and high quality but also affordable. We keep costs down and quality up with these features:

FREE Setup: Get started with your customized server options quickly with our no fee setup. Keep your costs down and stay on budget with this free service that helps you get your site up and running fast.

24/7 Customer Service: We provide 24/7 customer service to help get you back online fast. With our comprehensive service from our knowledgeable representatives, troubleshooting is quick, simple and easy anytime you need it.

Low Latency: Ensure your users get a better experience with our low latency rates. With our low latency, customers are able to interact more quickly with your site ensuring they can stay focused on your products and services without getting frustrated by slow speeds.

Unmetered Bandwidth: Unlike other companies, GTHost provides unmetered bandwidth that will help you stay on budget and serve your site users better. This feature of our service allows you to have any volume of traffic without additional fees. Run special promotions, sales and other events on your site without surprise charges for high traffic volumes!

Looking Glass Portal: Our looking glass portal helps your administrators do their jobs more efficiently. This simple to use portal allows users to run several key tests including Host, Trace, PING and MTR.

In-House Maintenance: Our dedicated team makes troubleshooting and server maintenance better and more affordable. By employing our team as server maintenance, we’re able to provide real-time fixes, minimize downtime, and saves costs associated with outsourcing to a third party maintenance team.

Customizable Server Options: Get the storage, bandwidth and other features you want most with our customizable server packages.

Setup in Minutes: GTHost offers setup in just 5 to 15 minutes of your payment. Get your site started quickly with our FREE and fast setup.

Low-Cost Trials: Choose a low-cost trial for as little as $5/day. Try it for one to ten days then either pick a different trial or choose one of our easy, short term contracts.

Reducing Cart Abandonment With a Cheap Dedicated Server – USA

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest money losses for online retailers. However, this is not often a case of an indecisive customer, instead, studies have shown that one of the top reasons people abandon their cart is a slow loading site. In fact, 40% of shoppersstated they abandoned their cart because of slow loading times – specifically times that exceeded three seconds.

Yes, only three seconds. For anything else, three seconds would hardly matter but for online shoppers this is a deal breaker. To combat this, you need every advantage in making your cart and site run faster.

At GTHost, we not only create servers with the lowest latency, we also provide in-house maintenance specifically designed to give you better quality, uninterrupted service. With these features in place, you get a fast server with no downtime. Our in-house team and 24/7 customer service are ideal for fast troubleshooting and ensuring you can give your site users a seamless, user-friendly experience.