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What Is Server Load Balancing

What Is Load Balancing? If you’re hosting a website on the internet, you’d probably already know this – you need a quality server to manage your web hosting and achieve optimal productivity.  But merely getting a quality server to host your website on isn’t enough, you’d also have to ensure that your server has enough ... read more

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Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

As a new website owner, the first thing you’d notice is how well you’d depend on your server to keep your site functional. You’d also realize that different server hosting services have different features and deliver different results. If you’re using shared hosting, you may start noticing that your websites aren’t performing as optimally as ... read more

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How to check your Linux server for vulnerabilities and protect it

What is vulnerability? Vulnerability is usually used to describe how exposed or susceptible something is to injury or attack. It means the same thing when used as a technical term. As a technical term, a vulnerability describes a weakness in a software, device, computer system, or process that exposes it to malicious attack. Linux vulnerabilities ... read more

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Dedicated Servers Basic Terms — Hardware and Software Server Terms

A dedicated server is a single computer reserved specifically for one user. Unlike shared servers that have their resources shared among multiple users, the dedicated server allows only one user exclusive access to the resources available. The dedicated server is more expensive than the shared server because of the obvious advantages it has over the ... read more

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The Signs When The Time To Change Server

Running a successful online business involves lots of planning and strategizing all made possible by the server.  A server helps to keep a website functional and makes it easy for customers to interact with the brand in no time.  The server also provides adequate security for customer data and plays an important role in making ... read more

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Reasons To Host Your Business On Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers: Benefits  Hosting business on the internet is not quite as easy as many persons think it is. To run a successful online business, a lot of factors have to come into play. Among these factors are your digital marketing skills, branding, product/service delivery strategies, and yes- your server hosting option. To improve customer ... read more