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Reasons To Host Your Business On Dedicated Servers

Reasons To Host Your Business On Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers: Benefits 

Hosting business on the internet is not quite as easy as many persons think it is. To run a successful online business, a lot of factors have to come into play. Among these factors are your digital marketing skills, branding, product/service delivery strategies, and yes- your server hosting option.

To improve customer experience and ensure that your customers remain loyal to your online brand, your website should be offering maximum functionality especially in terms of speed, security, and overall high performance – all these are influenced by the type of server hosting service you are subscribed to.

Dedicated servers have always been known to be the best choice of servers for business owners. As online businesses start to grow and attract more customers and traffic on their sites, business owners correspondingly begin to see the need to migrate from shared servers to dedicated servers, for a number of reasons. 

Dedicated servers as opposed to shared servers are designed to serve a single user. As a result, website resources previously shared by multiple users are left at the disposal of a single user. This way, resources are not depleted and can adequately cater for the needs of the website seamlessly. 

Of course, dedicated servers are more expensive than other server options but makes for an amazing choice because what you lose in cost, you gain much more in performance and efficiency. This hastens business growth, helps to drive more sales, and in the long run, boost ROI to cover for the extra costs spent on dedicated servers. 

If you’re on a very tight budget, you can still access some cheap dedicated server hosting services. While a cheap dedicated server will apparently still be more expensive than a shared server, it’s not as expensive as would be expected. 

Renting a cheap dedicated server hosting service doesn’t always imply that you’re being offered low-quality dedicated servers. Sometimes, you can be lucky enough to find a web hosting service that is so passionate about providing value that they’re willing to beat down cost while still maintaining server quality. 

You really can get it all – a cheap dedicated server hosting, quality, business growth, and sustainability, all in one! 

Reasons for using Dedicated Servers 

Regardless of whether you’ve rented a cheap dedicated server hosting service or you felt inclined to rent a more expensive one, dedicated servers pretty much come with the same advantages and side attractions.

These are pretty much the major reasons businesses owners cling to dedicated servers: 

  • Upgraded execution and security: If security is important to you, you have no business using a shared server. Dedicated servers offer upgraded execution and security from what shared servers offer. 

Since you’re the only user on the server, you don’t have to worry about other multiple users spying on your files. With dedicated servers, you can decide to beef up security to suit your needs, too. This upgraded security comes with upgraded privacy and customization features also.

Customers are usually skeptical about making online purchases and putting out sensitive personal information on the cyberspace. They would usually carry out their due diligence to ensure that your site is not fraudulent and that it can be trusted to keep their personal information private and secure.

The SSL certificate is usually one of the indicators of a safe and secure website and as such, customers would only trust SSL secured sites. Dedicated servers boost security for these sites, making it more appealing for customers, security-wise.

  • Dependability and Performance: Performance is at its very best with dedicated servers. Dedicated servers give you unhindered access to unlimited internet resources that boost website performance. 

Even on the days your website experiences a very high traffic influx, it will still function optimally the CPU, RAM, bandwidths, and every other web resource is dedicated to serving your website and none other.

With this, you can always depend on your dedicated server’s top performance and rely on it to function maximally with no downtimes whatsoever.

  • Dedicated IP address:  When you share a server with other users, you all get similar IP addresses, and like friends living in the same apartment with shared resources, mismanagement of server resources by one user would have adverse effects on other users. 

With dedicated servers, you enjoy exclusivity, privacy and yes, you have your own unique IP address. With your unique IP address, you are at rest knowing fully well that the activities of other users don’t affect you.

IP addresses are also necessary when you want to obtain your SSL certificate for added security and credibility. It follows then that you need a dedicated server for this. 

Obtaining your unique IP address also ensures that you have improved access and increased control over your server, plus it also boosts site performance.

  • The multi-core central processing unit:  

Another important reason to use a dedicated server for your online business is the multi-core CPU advantage that it offers. Dedicated server hosting services usually have specific CPU plan types that enhance site speed and overall performance.

The CPU is the brain box of the dedicated server and by using specialized CPU for your dedicated server, you can be sure that your website works productively and efficiently, performing more tasks in less time, and enjoying such fast speed that your clients would love.

  • Flexibility and Scalability:  

Dedicated servers are better off in terms of scalability than shared servers. They are also a better option for site owners who value flexibility. Using a dedicated server means that you have access to a lot of customization features and can personalize a lot of them to suit your specific needs.

GTHost Advantages

As you already know now, having access to a dedicated server is the best thing to happen to any online business owner. The next best thing is having an amazing, efficient, and experienced dedicated server hosting service provider.  You know who the best in the game is already – GTHost of course! 

Partnering with GTHost for quality dedicated server service automatically gives you a head-start in your industry. With the quality server equipment and state of the art facilities at their disposal, GTHost sets the pace for other hosting services to follow. 

After consistently partnering with small and large online businesses to achieve and even surpass their business goals over the years, GTHost has not only sustained a winning culture, they have also been relentless in finding more ways to improve on their already excellent service delivery for your maximum satisfaction. 

GTHost offers no setup charges, 15 minutes instant server set up, no hidden charges, flexible payment plans, and a host of other mind-blowing features for your benefit. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. GTHost offers to take your online business to the next level at the most affordable rates ever.