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Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

As a new website owner, the first thing you’d notice is how well you’d depend on your server to keep your site functional. You’d also realize that different server hosting services have different features and deliver different results.

If you’re using shared hosting, you may start noticing that your websites aren’t performing as optimally as they used to and that as visitors to your website increases, site productivity declines. 

Using shared hosting is similar to living in a shared apartment where all the utilities are managed by quite a number of persons. You’d find out that you have no access to privacy, apartment resources are usually not enough and you’d always have to consciously manage resources to live comfortably.

It’s the same thing with shared hosting, but while you can manage resources in a shared apartment, managing shared hosting resources when they’re clearly not enough to handle the inflow of traffic to your site is extremely dangerous and can crash your site.

To avoid this problem, many site owners are upscaling to dedicated servers as their hosted web server for the following reasons: 

Server resources are not shared

This is the major factor that gives rise to the other advantages a dedicated server offers. While shared hosting means that resources are not always available as abundantly as you’d like because they’re also utilized by other users, a dedicated server for you and you only. 

Choosing a dedicated server as your hosted web server affords you all the advantages of living alone in an apartment. You have access to privacy, the dedicated server resources are more than enough for your needs and you have greater control over how server resources are used.

Having a hosted web server that is dedicated to you alone ensures that your site has all the resources it needs at all times. There are no downtimes, applications run with speed, navigation is easy, there are no CPU or RAM clogging issues and productivity is optimal. 

Enhanced performance and security 

When your hosted web server is a dedicated server, you experience the best in performance and security. Shared hosting services usually oversell server resources. 

They do this by selling shared servers to more users than the resources can handle. When this happens, the server becomes overburdened and can no longer perform optimally.

This doesn’t happen with a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, all the server resources which would have been shared among multiple users in shared hosting are given to you alone. 

Even when you experience heavy data or traffic influx, a dedicated server offers the best in flexibility and Scalability, and you’ve really got nothing to worry about.


Flexibility remains an important factor to consider in choosing the perfect hosted web server and a dedicated server provides all the flexibility you need. A dedicated server has personalized features that allow you to customize CPU, software, RAM, disk space, etc. to suit your unique needs.

A dedicated server also offers you the flexibility you need to adapt to changes in your computing needs as your business grows and computing activities scale.

Unique IP address 

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a standard of guidelines that dictates the addresses of computer devices so that data is sent to the correct device. When you use shared hosting, you also share this address with other users.

With a dedicated server, your IP address is peculiar to you alone and as such, there’s no risk of sharing the same IP address with spam or malicious website. E-commerce websites require the use of a unique IP address to get an SSL certification. This means that you can only run E-commerce transactions and other credit card transactions through a dedicated server.


A dedicated hosted web server also maximizes security for its users. Not sharing your server with multiple users limits the risks of sharing a server with malicious websites for example. You can also decide to beef up server security to your taste and you have absolute control over what entities have access to your dedicated server.

While a dedicated server may seem a little more expensive than shared hosting, in the beginning, it’s would cost you less in the long-term. With a dedicated hosted web server provider, businesses can save a lot of time and resources by subscribing to a service plan that allows the hosting provider to manage their servers for them.

A dedicated server would give you great value for your money and offers a better return on investment than shared hosting.

Conclusions and GTHost advantages 

With all the advantages a dedicated server has to offer, you really can’t get the best out of it without an experienced dedicated hosting provider that understands your needs and is committed to giving you the necessary support to achieve your goals.

GTHost Dedicated servers have been providing business owners and organizations the best quality Dedicated hosted web servers for over a decade. Partnering with GThost dedicated hosting service means that you’re in safe hands and that all your dedicated hosting expectations would be met without hassles.

As the industry leader in dedicated web hosting, GTHost provides its users with the following advantages: 

  • Quality Equipment: 

GTHost has sets the industry standards in quality equipment and is dedicated to providing the same to clients without compromise.

  • No downtimes: 

Network downtimes can be really frustrating for business websites that prioritize time-management and productivity. With GTHost, 100% uptime is guaranteed and you can get to work with the confidence that you wouldn’t experience downtimes.

  • Instant server setup : 

GTHost helps you set up your servers in less than 15 minutes so that you can get to work immediately. 

  • Affordability : 

There are no hidden charges. Every single dime is accounted for and GTHost prices are the best available.

  • 24/7 customer care services: 

A team of experienced customer care professionals are on the ground to attend to your questions and any concerns you may have 24/7.