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What Is Voip Server And How It Works?

What Is Voip Server And How It Works?

For organizations to run smoothly and all their departments to work in harmony, they need to have an effective communication plan. The type of plan that each organization chooses is unique depending on its needs. Some companies put more emphasis on voice communication while others prefer other methods such as video chat or exchanging emails.

Voice communication is the most popular method of communication in most businesses. It, therefore, should be affordable and readily available. Voice over internet protocol, commonly referred to as VoIP, is a form of voice communication that is transferred as data.

When you make a call on a VoIP network, the voice or video call is converted into packets of data then transmitted through local or other networks. This makes communication through VoIP less costly because there is no need to use expensive networks. The data is then transmitted through the internet.

Organizations that depend on constant communications prefer to use VoIP because it enables them to communicate affordably. Effective communication helps the different departments of an organization to co-operate and work in harmony. This works to improve clarity and enhance better sharing of ideas in an organization.

A business that communicates more effectively can implement its plans better in coordination with all players. This can also help to improve productivity by removing the barriers of communication that might have hindered smooth implementation.

VoIP server

A VoIP server (usually built on dedicated servers)helps to receive, store, and distribute data since it comes in and out. If a client at one end sends a request, the request comes to the server, it is processed, and the request fulfilled. The VoIP server, also known as a PBX, gives the administrator the ability to add functions to the system.

Through the PBX, the network administrators are able to add video capabilities to the system or other capabilities such as interactive voice response. The more advanced the properties of the server, the better it can handle more traffic without losing the quality of the call.

How a VoIP server works

The PBX works just like a proxy server. When you make a call from the VoIP phone, the call sends the request to the server. The server changes the call into a form of data and transmits it over the internet or the local network. The person on the other end receives the request, accepts it, and then you can communicate.

If you call a mobile phone or an ordinary phone from a VoIP phone, the call has to go through a public switched telephone network (PSTN). This is a unit installed in the VoIP network to help connect VoIP calls to the ordinary telephone system.

Installing the PBX on the local network helps to deliver a better quality call as compared to when one uses the internet. The local networks have better resources dedicated to providing quality video calls as compared to other data networks that might be congested. A local system also helps to improve security, especially if the calls are of proprietary matters.

The following are some of the benefits of shifting into the voice over internet protocol system.

Reduced rates per call

As the name suggests, VoIP uses the internet to transmit data. Traditional phone calls are transmitted through lines or communication masts, which means that they are expensive to maintain.

VoIP utilizes the internet to send the packets of data. As a result, the operation is available at a low cost because you only need an internet connection. Most businesses can make domestic and local calls free of charge.

Easy to move

Since the system relies on the internet, it is much easier to move from one place to the other every time the business moves. Traditional phones are more stressful to move due to codes and lines.

Comes with various features

A VoIP has multiple functions such as video conferencing, video call, and transcription services that will facilitate multitasking.


Since it is very hard for the internet to be unavailable, VoIP phones are quite reliable. They are not affected by public holiday’s break, poor weather conditions, or power outages.