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The full meaning of VPS is Virtual Private Server.

VPS is a type of hosting service used for websites. With the use of virtualization technology, VPS provides users with private resources on a server that has more than one user.

It is small scale and much more affordable than renting a whole server. It also provides you with your own dedicated server which ensures better security and stability in comparison with shared hosting.

VPS hosting is very ideal for website owners who have traffic that goes beyond the limits of shared hosting but is still not big enough for a completely private server.

VPS hosting usually offers multiple hosting plans to suit the numerous business needs of different users.


How VPS Works

To understand how VPS works, it is important too, first of all, understand what a web server is.

A web server is a computer that stores all the files and information that your web host needs for your website. When someone visits your website online, a request is sent from the request PC’s browser to your website to transfer the required data through the internet.

What VPS hosting does is give you a virtual server that replicates a physical server, meanwhile, in reality, multiple users share the machine.

With the help of virtualization technology, the hosting provider is able to divide the server into smaller portions for multiple users to have their own individual operating systems by installing a virtual layer on the operating system of the main server.

In essence, what this means is that a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is virtual and also private because it gives the user complete control over it. What separates it from other servers is the installation of the virtual layer on the operation system level.

With a Virtual Private Server (VPS), one can have the same level of access as someone using a dedicated server and it is much cheaper that way.



Although Virtual Private Server (VPS) may be more expensive than shared hosting and may require a lot of technical knowledge and great care to avoid security vulnerabilities; VPS would give you better privacy and is much faster and reliable. It is also easier to scale and will give you root access while preventing issues of traffic caused by other users of the server from affecting your site.

Therefore, if you want a reliable and affordable hosting service for your business, go for VPS.


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