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Is A Dedicated Server Worth The Extra Money? – Cloud VPS

Is A Dedicated Server Worth The Extra Money? – Cloud VPS


The business world today is fast tilting to a point where having a strong internet presence would be necessary for business growth and development. This is because, with the increasing reliance on technology and the steady growth of e-commerce, more people have begun to accept that the internet could be a safe, more convenient and reliable means of buying and selling as opposed to the traditional physical markets.

As businesses are beginning to focus more on e-commerce, it is imperative that they have uninterrupted access and an internet connection to ensure that they keep up with their competitors, maintain brand visibility and remain relevant in their industries through well-developed websites. For all these to be achieved, such businesses need reliable servers to do the work.

Servers are devices that control computer networks. They are responsible for managing data resources, storing data from their host websites, and making them accessible to other computers that need to access the data (usually customers). This means that servers play a pivotal role in ensuring the free flow of communication between the businesses and their consumers.

Types of Servers

There are different kinds of servers available for businesses to choose from:

  • cloud VPS; The cloud VPS is a type of server that involves the use of cloud computing and virtualization. Cloud VPS is a private server for public utility, that shares resources from other multiple linked servers.
  • virtual Private Servers; Virtual Private Servers are much like dedicated servers because they directly connect to a private server. However, virtual private servers still share resources with other servers. Simply explained, they are servers running in a server. The virtual private servers are only private because irrespective of the fact that they run within a server, they are isolated from the others and can be rebooted individually. Businesses use virtual private servers because of its cost effectiveness. It’s more effective than shared hosting and less expensive than dedicated servers.
  • dedicated Cloud Servers. Dedicated servers are remote servers that are not shared with other users in any way and are usually suited to perform particular tasks. A dedicated server is usually a rental service that ensures that the user has a direct line to the network.

Why Dedicated Servers are worth the extra money

Businesses are usually at sea as to which server would be best for the type of business they do. The truth is that cloud VPS, virtual private servers, and dedicated cloud servers all have their particular advantages and disadvantages and are best suited for specific business purposes and needs. The key to choosing the best server for your business is to identify your specific business needs while also considering its size.

Generally speaking, the most expensive server to use is the dedicated cloud server and, of course, this is because it offers special advantages that other servers don’t. Some of these advantages are:

  • security; Compared to the cloud VPS and Virtual private servers, dedicated cloud servers are generally known to be the most secure. For one, it is not a shared server and so the user has absolute control over it to the exclusion of anyone else. This advantage is particularly a plus for companies who have the responsibility of storing sensitive information that they have to protect at all costs. For these types of people, the assurance they have that they are choosing the most secure servers for their business would be worth the extra costs.
  • artificial Intelligence and Automation; With dedicated servers, users don’t have to worry about artificial intelligence and automation taking absolute control of their sites. With dedicated servers, business owners have absolute control over their data and don’t have to worry about artificial intelligence taking over their data for adverse purposes. Cloud VPS and virtual private users don’t have this advantage.
  • Privacy. Dedicated servers ensure that you’re the only one using the server. This offers you a great deal of privacy and control and is worth the extra money is maximum privacy means a lot to you and your business.


For obvious reasons, dedicated servers are generally the most preferred. However, it is only you that can decide if paying extra for dedicated servers is worth it for your business. Cloud VPS and virtual private servers work perfectly well for certain kinds of business too, so you really just have to weigh the pros and cons and decide if it is worth it for you.