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How Dedicated Hosting Can Help Increase Your eCommerce Revenue

How Dedicated Hosting Can Help Increase Your eCommerce Revenue

In recent times, there has been an influx of businesses directly trading on the internet or indirectly making profits from the internet through online marketing and the likes. It won’t be out of place for the firm to own a website on the internet space.

To own a website, one has to either share hosts or use a dedicated server. You may be considering between a dedicated server and a shared host that will best suit your ecommerce site. This article will show you what is best for you and your business.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one option to consider aside dedicated server hosting, however, ecommerce has its own peculiar operations and challenges which makes it quite different from other endeavors that can be carried out via a website.

The typical informational website can be managed quite easily due to flexible content management and less tedious hardware requirements. However, that is a stark contrast to running an ecommerce site which largely resources intensive.

With this high level of technical involvement in mind, it is not advisable to host your ecommerce website on a shared server but on a dedicated server. You may want to spend less on hosting by going for a shared host but you will inevitably set up yourself for more challenges in the future with your site.

For instance, when another user on the same shared host with you runs a program on his site which drains your shared host’s resources, your site could be sent offline during important business hours. You may also cause other sites to go offline too if it’s your activity which drains the shared host’s resources.

Ecommerce sites always have tendencies to straining the resources of shared hosts. You may also be exposed to security problems you could save your website from by staying away from shared hosting and subscribing to a dedicated server. If a single site on the shared host is not properly secured, all other sites on the same host may become victims of malicious attacks.

You may be placing personal details about your customers on the line and consequently the integrity of your business. Though you may spend more money using a dedicated server, it’s preferable that you run your ecommerce website on a dedicated server to save you the numerous challenges that come with shared hosting.

Performance of Dedicated Servers

Your website may be the major hub of your business or an online component. Whichever the case, having a website with optimum reliability and security is of great importance for ecommerce.

Using a dedicated server for your ecommerce site ensures your website keeps pace with the speed and stability needed to thrive on the internet scene. A dedicated server will play vital roles in ensuring an increase in revenue generated by your website.

The benefits of using a dedicated server for your ecommerce website can come about in the following ways:

  • Increases the online reputation of your site

Have you ever had to wait so long on a check-out queue at a grocery store? Perhaps there were times you had to leave what you’ve previously picked up as you walked away.

That same kind of frustration can make customers abandon your site while shopping if they have to wait so long for pages on your site to load. Online customers these days are not really patient with slow loading sites and if your website’s host isn’t meeting expectations you may lose many profits.

When you use a dedicated server for hosting your ecommerce site, you will minimize lag time and increase page loading speed. Dedicated servers ensure that all the host’s resources are available to your website alone hence optimizing speed.

  • Reducing Downtime

When downtime occurs unexpectedly either from server interruption or a DDoS attack, your ecommerce venture may suffer a loss in revenue especially when it occurs during business peak hours.

Your business’s online reputation may be destroyed if your website is the major point of the business. With dedicated servers, you have fewer worries concerning unforeseen downtime.

Most dedicated server hosts provide precautions and security mechanisms to ensure that your ecommerce site continues running without unnecessary interruption.

  • Encourages marketing input

The loading speed of your website can do well to either increase or reduce your SEO (search engine optimization). Recently, site speed has been included as one of the algorithms search engines use while ranking websites and pages.

Slower loading pages will likely come up in lower positions in the search engine result page (SERP). While working with dedicated servers, there are no worries about ranking low due to slow loading pages. This helps you to make more profit from your marketing budget.

Managed hosting

Managed hosting goes a step further than dedicated server hosting. To adequately manage the demands of running your ecommerce site which ranges from high traffic, optimum security to safeguard the details of your customers and quality content demands, you may have to shift from just a dedicated server to a managed server.

When your ecommerce site runs on managed hosting, you will be eased of the burden to make seasonal backups for your site as well as a software upgrade. To avoid the common attacks frequently experienced by ecommerce sites, you will also be given DDoS protection.


Having selected the right host for your ecommerce site, a few more features have to be put in place to make sure your site is fully ready and that includes an SSL certificate. It reduces your site’s chances of being attacked while it also boosts the confidence of your customers who will believe that you take their security as a priority.

Another feature to add is a Dedicated IP which also increases the security of your ecommerce site while contributing to increased speed during seasons of peak traffic. A 99.9% uptime service deal to make sure that your customers are not affected by downtime.


For owners of huge ecommerce sites, a dedicated server is the best hosting option. The increased page loading speed, site security and reliability will give your business an advantageous edge.

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