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Dedicated Server Inside: Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting Company

Dedicated Server Inside: Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting Company

Dedicated Server Hardware (component parts)

Dedicated servers are servers that are configured to perform certain singular tasks to ensure speed, performance and efficiency. Dedicated servers basically offer hosting services to a single client as opposed to shared hosting.

With dedicated servers, users are assured of higher flexibility, better organization, more security, and improved productivity for whatever purpose they want to achieve.

Dedicated servers have certain hardware component parts that aid its efficiency and productivity, and help it function optimally. Some of these components are listed and explained below:

  • processors;

Processors are also referred to as the Central Processing Units (CPU’s) even though in the strict sense of it, the CPU is just one of other processors in the computer system. The processor is undoubtedly one of the most important component parts of any computer, and its major job is to receive instructions, decide and understand instructions, and perform the instructions accordingly. The CPU can also be aptly described as the brain of the computer system because it carries out the function of receiving, responding and interpreting instructions that run the computer system, much like that of the human brain.

Dedicated server processors possess one of the most powerful processing functions ever, and are produced to meet the specific individual needs of clients.

  • server RAM;

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. RAM is responsible for computer volatile data storage and does the job of storing data files as they come when a program is still in use, or a computer system is still running. It stores information temporarily such that the information can be used by the processor when necessary.

In summary, a Random Access Memory reads files, temporarily stores them, and plays a very important role in making sure that your computer responds to instructions with speed.

Dedicated server RAM differs from regular RAM in that it is more reliable and efficient than the regular computer RAM, this is because it makes use of the Error Correcting Code (ECC) which does the extra function of securing computer files from corruption. Dedicated servers also have more memory capacity than the regular RAM and ensure higher operational time because of its high-quality components.

  •  storage;

When we talk about storage here, we are referring to the capacity of the computer to receive and retain data and later produce it on request. Dedicated servers have a higher storage capacity than most other servers, and it makes use of a managed SSD VPS that not only enhances the storage capacity of the server but also boosts its speed and average response time.

The Importance of Good Hardware.

A computer system or dedicated server cannot function properly without good hardware. To a large extent, the dedicated server hardware determines the reliability and operational quality of the dedicated server. This means that a productive and efficient computer system is always backed up by good, quality hardware.

Among the numerous reasons good dedicated server hardware is important, here are some:

  • High-Traffic Websites. A dedicated server performs certain types of hosting functions for websites with high traffic demands, such as e-Commerce stores on Black Friday, and is so powerful that it can conveniently host highly resource-intensive requests which ordinary computer hardware servers can’t host. A single dedicated server can do the job of hosting multiple high-traffic websites that ordinarily would not be possible for the regular servers. By doing the job of many ordinary computer servers, a dedicated server also helps aid the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of computing.
  • Database Servers. Database dedicated servers do the job of reading and writing data with speed, and is well suited to perform businesslike operations. Having a good database server hardware ensures a smooth and reliable server for your business database needs.
  • Private Cloud Hosting. One of the numerous advantages of a dedicated server is the private cloud hosting function it affords its users. Customers who need private cloud hosting services have found that using good dedicated server hardware ensures efficiency and productivity in running virtual machines, building their own mini public cloud hosting service, etc.
  • Multiple Websites: A good hardware ensures that your server can manage as many websites as possible without downtime or glitches of any sort. This is why many web hosting companies have been known to use dedicated servers over the years as they have proven to be efficient in managing a lot of websites at the same time without any negative effect on speed and efficiency.

Advantages of GTHost servers.

GTHost is a dedicated server hosting company that provides dedicated hosting servers to its clients with data centers at multiple strategic locations to ensure that they provide quality server hosting services to customers all around the world.

GTHost dedicated servers offer the following advantages:

  • Transparent Hosting: One of the qualities that make GTHost servers stand out is the transparent hosting services offered especially as it relates to pricing. GTHost offers no hidden fees or charges, and would ensure that you get a breakdown of your total costs before you make payments.

Every single charge is accounted for and can be easily accessed through their customer-friendly dashboards platform.

  • Instant server setup: GTHost dedicated servers ensures that your servers are set up instantly in less than 15 minutes so you can attend to your tasks as soon as you purchase your own dedicated server.
  • State of the Art Equipment: GTHost servers provide hosting services with the most modern and updated dedicated servers components available thanks to state of art equipment such as bare metal servers to mention but a few.
  • No Downtime: GTHost Servers guarantee 100% network uptime and 0% downtime. Your time would never be wasted waiting for a boost in network services.


Your dedicated server components to a very large extent determine how well your dedicated servers would function. Choosing a dedicated server hosting company that priorities your business needs above all other things, and offers you unbeatable quality and reliability is arguably one of the best investments a business can make in our technology-driven society today.

ghost is undoubtedly the industry leader in dedicated servers hosting services with its penchant for only dealing with leading dedicated server brands, and making use of server equipment that meet and even surpass the latest industry standards.

Thanks to numerous data centers, and worldwide accessibility coupled with their team of well trained and experienced computer technology experts, customers are assured of nothing but the very best dedicated hosting services to drive their business growth and brand visibility.

Wouldn’t you rather work with the best dedicated hosting service providers in the industry, that guarantees you premium value for your money? We bet you would.