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BEST cPanel Alternatives in 2020 — Plesk, Webmin, Froxlor

BEST cPanel Alternatives in 2020 — Plesk, Webmin, Froxlor

cPanel Problems

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that makes it easy for its users to seamlessly control hosting management processes. It is Linux server-based and is a widely recognized option for hosting management because of its user-friendliness and the fact that it makes an otherwise technical process very easy for everyone to operate. 

With cPanel, users can carry out complete server management without hitches and while managing the server can manage hosting solutions too. 

While the cPanel is an amazing web hosting control panel for even novices and newbies, there are some problems users usually encounter when trying to carry out server management functions. 

These problems can be frustrating and can even go as far as limiting business growth. As such users have begun to search for better alternatives for server and hosting solutions management. 

Some of the problems cPanel users encounter in the long run include: 

  • time Management Problems; cPanel consumes a lot of time navigating through a number of pre-installed components making an otherwise quick and easy task, daunting and slow. 
  • functionality troubles; The cPanel does not meet a lot of users’ expectations when it comes to functionality and usability. Users also complain about losing sensitive data at intervals.
  • performance: cPanel does not use an optimized stack for server management and as such, performance is poor. 
  • security; There are a number of loopholes that hackers can exploit to compromise and steal delicate data on cPanel. 
  • trouble Shooting Identification.  With cPanel it is difficult to detect the cause of certain server issues when they occur.

 cPanel Alternative List 

Here are some cPanel alternatives:

  • Plesk; Plesk is one of the best web hosting control panel alternative to cPanel. It can even be said to be the biggest cPanel competition. 

Plesk is big on server security and also provides a secure toolkit for WordPress. It supports a variety of platforms, has a centralized beginner-friendly dashboard, and boasts of a lot of amazing features. 

On the downside, it’s relatively expensive and is generally very similar to cPanel. Plesk is a worthy cPanel alternative.

  • Webmin; Coming closely behind Plesk is the Webmin cPanel alternative. Webmin is a web hosting control panel for Unix operating system with amazing features. First, Webmin is free, which is very laudable except that it seems that its users have to pay for that in interface user-friendliness. 

What’s really amazing about Webmin is that you can manage the system from a remote location and it has a simple GUI with a number of pretty good features.
Apart from these, Webmin has a lot to improve on and cannot be said to be a worthy cPanel alternative especially when you are looking for a really amazing control panel.

  • Froxlor; If you need to manage your server and hosting solutions with a simple interface, Froxlor is the perfect cPanel alternative for you. 

Like the other alternatives above, Froxlor is a web hosting control panel. It’s perfect for organizing shared web hosting servers. Among its features include the personalized tool for creating your own them as you wish.

  • centOS Web Panel;  CentOS web panel helps you manage a VPS server. It’s good with troubleshooting and can easily detect and fix configuration problems because of the auto-configure and auto-fix it has installed. 

It is another major web hosting control panel option for cPanel. Another amazing feature of the centOS Panel is that it aids SSL certificate management and like Froxlor can help you customize or personalize your own theme and language too. It’s quite secure too.

  • zpanel; Zpanel is a web hosting control panel that shares some style features similar to cPanel on Linux, OSX, and Windows server. It does not encrypt data and as such is not suitable for online transactions. 

It is an open-source web hosting control panel and is written in PHP for windows.

  • ajenti; Ajenti is yet another web hosting control panel and cPanel alternative. Ajenti is the perfect web hosting control panel for websites that are already hosted on a server especially if such a website needs a hosting management solution that retains current configurations. It’s a very good server management control panel
  • Vesta Control Panel; Vesta control panel is a web hosting control panel that is perfect for monitoring a server.

It’s open-source (so the core setup is free), lightweight, has personalization features, durable, and is easy to install. It’s cost-effective too and is a very cool alternative to cPanel especially for users who want to offer shared hosting. Server management is very easy with the Vesta web hosting control panel.

  • iSPConfig; ISPConfig web hosting control panel is a popular alternative to cPanel. It is an open-source panel with amazing features. It has the ability to manage multiple servers from one location and as a result, is perfect for administering large-scale businesses and corporations.

Although certain features are similar to that of cPanel, the ISPConfig web hosting control panel still manages to stand out. It allows you to manage your server from your browser directly. It’s fast, secure, and perfect for enormous projects and although setting up is quite tricky, it still remains an excellent alternative to cPanel especially for businesses.

  • yunoHost; The YunoHost web hosting control panel is perfect for newbies who want to test their hands on some server management applications. YunoHost web hosting control panel aims at making control panels accessible for everyone and so it’s free but is deficient in a lot of amazing features.
  • blueOnyx; The BlueOnyx web hosting control panel like YunoHost is a free cPanel offering integrated internet hosting solution that that includes e-mail, DNS, file transfer, and web service. It supports HTTP/2 and as such manages servers to perform optimally.
  • aaPanel. aaPanel web hosting control panel that allows users to manage the webserver through the web-based GUI. File transfer protocol is available on the aaPanel, the aaPanel simplifies website management and makes it easy for users to create their own websites. It’s a great alternative to cPanel.


The cPanel is a forerunner in its industry and has enabled a lot of users to manage their servers productively. It eliminates the technicalities involved in hosting solutions management. The cPanel is good for newbies/beginners and has a user-friendly platform, but despite these solidly good points, users still complain about security, time-management, performance and stability issues encountered while using the cPanel. 

While there are many suitable cPanel alternatives, it’s important for users to understand how important it is to partner with a good hosting service provider that can recommend the best control panel to suit their needs and also provide support whenever needed.