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This subject matter can be easily related to our daily interactions. The best way to describe a proxy is by giving an example as to what it is. Proxies are more or less like security officials. They stand as a go-to between the user and the internet.

Sometimes you might come across a website only to realize that the site has been blocked or there’s no way for you to connect to a particular site when you’re accessing different Wi-Fi networks. Once you encounter any of these examples then you should know that a proxy is probably doing its job as an intermediary.

A proxy can be referred to as a mediator given certain information to perform a particular task in a specific manner but takes another route using a different IP address. With the help of a proxy, no one can determine your exact location because proxies give pseudo information about their users.

Another beautiful thing about proxies is that they can be set up anywhere. It could be on your computer, or any electronic device whatsoever. A proxy can be installed on any of your electronic devices at any point in time, you just have to choose. The most important thing is to acknowledge that proxies are of different types and can be used for various purposes.

Proxies serve as a link between users and the internet. This server is an agent because it goes between users and the websites they visit online. Basically, a proxy server is a computer system on the internet that has and operates with its own IP address. Every time a computer is connected to the internet, it makes use of an IP address but the reverse is the case when you have a proxy server. Proxy servers are used generally for the security of your computer and the sensitive data on the system/network. They help in protecting the computer from that software that may have been designed to operate maliciously.

There are various reasons why people use proxy servers. Some individuals use it for personal purposes, for securing their system, and then some use it for business purposes. There are companies that use proxies in order to enhance the rigidity of their security in an effort to protect employee information. It may also be used to handle traffic on the internet and to control the websites that employees can access.

How To Get A Proxy

There are two versions of proxy servers. The first one being Hardware and the second, Software. The hardware operates between your network and the internet where you can receive and send data. On the other hand, software proxies are hosted by a particular service provider or they can be deployed in the cloud.

The only thing you have to do in the case of the later is to install an app on your computer that would ease exchange with the proxy. Then you can choose the particular type of proxy that you need.

How Is A Server Set-Up

The most common way of setting up a proxy server is to first install it on your device or computer. Setting up a server varies as it depends on the operating system on your computer or device. You have to follow the procedures required by your system.

Proxy Protection Of Computer Privacy And Data

Proxy servers are of various types and are used for specifies purposes. A prospective user has to choose the specific proxy that is solely for the encryption and protection of the computer privacy and the sensitive data if those are the features required.

Because proxies are designed to protect data and the computer, they ensure data checks for every request. However for this to work, there are ground rules which you would have to follow. The number one rule is that you must disclose your digital address to the public. This is a safety measure used by proxy servers to mitigate the risk of hackers finding your PC. Because if your personal IP address is not public knowledge, then the hackers cant tamper with your system and the information in it.

Benefits Of Using A Proxy Server

-Proxy servers help in ensuring the safety and security of your computer and the data in it.

-They can be used to drastically improve the online experience by eliminating ads.

– For business purposes, it helps to restrict employees from accessing some websites during work hours.

Types Of Proxy Servers

While the sole aim of proxy servers is security, and to stand as an intermediary between the user and the internet, they are of different types.

– Forward proxy

This server works best for internalized networks or computer systems that need just one gateway. It gives IP address security for those who already make use of the network.

A forward proxy is the most common server, it is used as an intermediary for getting data for clients and end-users in a particular network. However, it is important to note that this type of proxy server often limits a company’s ability to attend to the needs of the end-users.

– Anonymous proxy

An anonymous proxy server ensures that whatever activity performed on the internet is untraceable. When it connects with the internet, the individual end users’ identity and computer data information are hidden, and it cannot by any means be located. Hackers cannot, therefore, perpetuate the user’s system.

High Anonymity Proxy

This server is one step tougher than the anonymous proxy server. It is in many ways the same as the anonymous proxy. The major difference is that the high anonymity proxy works by totally erasing your information from the system before it proceeds to access any site.

This server is mostly used by companies or organizations that desire a pseudo-state online. However, some of them are fakes that are used to lure users in order to connect to their private data and information.

Distorting Proxy

This is a proxy server that keeps its identity hidden. This server changes its IP address to an incorrect one. This proxy is highly recommended for people who intend to use the internet without publicizing their identity.

This type of server is also known for switching your location, plus it also hides the identity of the proxy and that of the user too. The safety of your identity is of utmost importance to this server.

In conclusion, proxies act as mediators between your requests and the server that you’re trying to gain access to. However, it is important that you understand that there are risks involved. Note that not all proxy servers protect your computer and your information so there could still be a leak.

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