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Perhaps you have heard about dedicated servers and wonder if it is a good idea to have yourself. But there is a lot of confusion about what a dedicated server does and how it can help you get what you need regarding internet performance. You may need to increase the reliability of your connection, or maybe you want to expand your online capabilities so that you know that you’ll have a secure connection. All of these things are possible when you get a dedicated server. If you are new to dedicated servers, let’s first look at what it does and how it can help you to stay online longer to accomplish the tasks you need to within a reasonable amount of time. There are many other advantages also, which we will discuss in this post.

How does a dedicated server work?

Dedicated servers use the technology that is available to have your server. No one else is using your server at the same time you are so you are getting the fastest speed, highest memory, and other aspects that the server is capable of. You get to manage your server box through a dedicated hardware system that is provided by a hosting server. This server can be used for a business or organization or an individual who prefers to have a dedicated server.

A dedicated server is a remote server that is entirely dedicated to one setup and an individual remote computer. It is all managed in the cloud or with an MSP (managed service provider). You can find dedicated servers in various places in Canada by searching for them through Google or your favourite search engine. Many business owners and individuals who want to have a direct connection to their server have found it to be a good alternative to purchasing a different computer system or adding onto their current offerings on their current shared server.

Advantages of a Dedicated Server There are many advantages to a dedicated server including using it as an email server or gaming server. Below are descriptions of these types of setups, as well as a few more ways you can use your dedicated or virtual server to your advantage. Use it as a Firewall Some people like to use their dedicated server as a firewall. Firewalls for businesses may run into a lot of money. Sometimes you just cannot afford commercial firewall installation. But there are open source systems like SmoothWall that you can install or use your dedicated server for this purpose and avoid having to find Firewall applications. Since your dedicated server is only connected to your computer as per your agreement with your hosting server, no one else will be allowed in. Nifty trick, huh? Use as a dedicated game server If you are a gamer and you want to be sure that you can play multiplayer video games without interruption, you may want to use a dedicated hosting server for this purpose. You’ll be able to run the show, so to speak by hosting your multiplayer contests with minimal downtime and the speed will be superior to most standalone normal servers from a web host. For dedicated gamers, this is a godsend because it speeds up the potential of your gaming equipment and software while allowing you to host various gaming tournaments online with other users who share your obsession over certain games. Hosting Your Own Web Server If you have ever wanted to see what it was like to host your website, you can be your web host using a dedicated virtual server. If you have a dedicated server for hosting your website, you can reduce advertising that you don’t want running on your site, be in total control of your features, and much more. By hosting your website, you’re also the legal owner of your hosting server, and you can decide how you want to run your digital properties without having to go along with the various regulations of a separate hosting provider. Email servers and IRC servers Another interesting use for having your virtual private server is to use it as an email or IRC server. IRC (internet relay chat) is a way to set up an automated chat service for your site without paying additional fees. You could use this capability to chat with customers that come to your site to shop or let them ask questions about your products and services. Additionally, you can use your server to serve as an independent email server with open source features. Using third-party open source applications such as Mail-in-a-Box, the possibilities are endless. Analytics and Experimentation How about using your server for experimentation purposes? You can host your server and use it to analyze data and keep up with information that will improve your business such as your customer information. This type of analytics and big data can help you improve the effectiveness of your website and business. You can even improve the overall UX (user experience) through experimentation about what people like the most. Sure there is Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, and others you could use. But some people want more independence from the criteria you can use with Google Analytics and with your server, the sky’s the limit. Some of the individual metrics you can measure using your server are listed below: Real time analytics (traffic) Visitor tracking (time on page) Location tracking Referrer information Type of device Imagine being able to use all of this information to track your results from your current traffic. Once you get this set up on your server, you’ll be able to keep track of every metric you need to keep things going in the right way. Maintaining a website involves a bit of scientific experimentation and analysis that can be used to understand what is happening with your website or web properties and make adjustments as needed to improve your results. Darren Rowse, a famous blogger who has made a fortune with blogging and producing web content, advises all of his clients and business partners to try different things to find out which ones are the most successful. One example is to change the graphics you are using on your page to see if people respond to other graphics more positively. You could also change your navigation menu to show the pages you want the most activity on first. There are numerous things you can switch to experiment with that will help you figure out what improves your customers’ experience if you own online business. If you are just having a dedicated server installed for your personal use, you will want to use it for anything that you need the reliability for. Having a dedicated server almost guarantees that you’ll have a dedicated connection that is secure and dependable every single time. Of course, there are exceptions such as server downtime which can occur with any setup, but most dedicated servers perform better over time because they only have to handle the demands of one remote computer system or network at a time, thus greatly reducing the load on the server. This makes the entire system more reliable. Disadvantages of a Personal Dedicated Server There are not many disadvantages to having a dedicated server. You get to have a direct connection to the internet anytime you need it, use it as your gaming server, email or IRC server, and more, and have a piece of the web all to yourself! But there are a few things to consider before purchasing one. Easier to delete major information More costly than shared hosting Security is your responsibility If you are sure you know your stuff, you will like having a dedicated server where you control everything. But you should consult with an engineer or programmer if you are not sure about something. Many users have accidentally deleted large amounts of information at once, causing programs or applications not to function correctly. A second concern with dedicated servers is that they are more expensive than shared servers. The costs vary, but they will always be more costly than other systems since you are allowed to control everything yourself and make changes anytime. You are paying for the privilege of using a server all to yourself and not having to share it with others. You also pay for the ability to keep the control of your website at the top, where it belongs. Finally, the security responsibility for data falls to you with a dedicated server. This is no big deal if it is just you involved. But for independent media companies or online business owners, you now hold all of the liability for customer data. People can sue you for neglect if you are careless and fail to update your security software or procedures or allow their data to be lost or to fall into the wrong hands. So be prepared to learn more about what it takes to make your server secure for everyone who uses your site if you are connected to a dedicated server. Your customer can hold you liable for their sensitive information, and it should be guarded as carefully as you would your data.

Why get a dedicated server in Canada?

If you live in Ontario or anywhere in Canada or North America, you will want to look into a dedicated server. Most servers help you if you are wanting to launch a project that has a target audience in North America because the main Canadian data centers are all hooked into the internet USA outlets. This means you should be able to transfer data at record speeds and the costs are lower than U.S. offers, in general. Renting a dedicated server in Canada is a good idea if you want to take control of your internet usage space and increase your potential UX for your customers. When you own a business, increasing the user experience is job one. It creates loyal customers that will continue to come back and do business with you in the future. Conclusion Getting a dedicated server in Canada is a good choice for those individuals, organizations, or business owners who don’t mind paying a bit more per month for a lot more control and performance from your server. When efficiency is important (such as gaming, payment processing, and data management), you may find that a dedicated server is an answer. Start your search today and get a better connection tomorrow. A dedicated server lets you have your own piece of the web to increase your performance for yourself and your customers. If you don’t know whether renting or buying a dedicated server fits you better, please check this article.

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