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The Signs When The Time To Change Server

The Signs When The Time To Change Server

Running a successful online business involves lots of planning and strategizing all made possible by the server.  A server helps to keep a website functional and makes it easy for customers to interact with the brand in no time. 

The server also provides adequate security for customer data and plays an important role in making e-commerce transactions possible. You see, servers are of paramount importance to online business owners who invest hugely in servers management to ensure that their servers continue to run optimally.

Server administrators have repeatedly developed many server management tools for easy administration and for clients who have no idea how to manage their servers, many web hosting services include a server management package in their service plans. 

While servers management and maintenance should always be a priority, knowing when it’s time to change servers altogether is an underrated management skill that only a few have mastered. 

Servers management and maintenance works perfectly for servers that still have the capacity to function maximally. When this is no longer the case, it’s best to replace such servers instead to avoid a preventable loss that comes with server failure.

When is it time to change servers? We have compiled a list of indicators below: 

Diminishing performance of a server  

Perhaps, your workload has significantly increased and your servers can no longer keep up with it or your servers continually run slower by the day and takes a longer time to get simple tasks done? Then it’s time to change your servers.

Sometimes, you may not notice the diminishing performance of your servers until your customers point them out to you. They are at the receiving end when servers fail and so can easily notice malfunctions whenever they occur. 

Pay attention to customer reviews and feedback, if they constantly complain about increased low server performance, changing your servers would do your online business a lot of good.

Running low on disk space  

When you start running low on disk space to store your videos, pictures, emails, databases, etc., then it may be time to change or upgrade your servers. 

Running low on disk space is usually an indicator that server resources are no longer enough to cater to the needs of your website. If this indicator is ignored, the servers may become overworked and fail, resulting in massive data loss.

Increased Maintenance & Operation Costs 

Servers management and maintenance definitely cost some amount of money to carry out. But when the cost of maintenance and operational costs begin to increase at an alarming rate, some investigation needs to be done.

Generally, the older a server gets, the more costly servers management becomes. The reason is simple- aging servers are more prone to malfunctions and repairs than new servers, and the more that needs to be maintained, the more the cost of maintenance.  

When maintenance costs become so high that it causes a drain on the finances of your business, it’d be more cost-effective to change your servers entirely. That way, you can save up on server maintenance costs and have a server that functions optimally.

Your Server Keeps Trashing the Disk due to Lack of RAM  

When your servers keep trashing the disk due to inadequate RAM, it affects the performance of major applications and in turn, can spell doom for your business. 

To manage this, it’s wise to increase RAM capacity by upgrading to a better server that reflects that.

Security & Compatibility: 

Every business owner should prioritize data security at all times. Just as hackers at constantly devices more improved ways of breaching computer server security, security experts are devising more ways of mitigating and preventing such breaches.

An old server may have become too old to accommodate the new security updates or may have expired warranty that no longer grants it access to security upgrades. 

Even when they can access these updates, the server may be incompatibility issues that may occur. When these happen, it’s an indicator that your server has become old and can no longer keep up with modern requirements. You should change it.

GTHost Advantages 

Can you relate to any of the indicators stated? If yes, servers management would no longer suffice, you need to change your servers entirely.

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