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Benefits of Using a VPS — VPS Hosting

Benefits of Using a VPS — VPS Hosting

In recent years the use of virtual private servers (VPS) and VPS hosting has dramatically increased. This may be due to the fact that virtualization incurs less cost and has increased performance. Virtual private servers or VPSs are servers created through the use of software that runs virtualization packages for private users. A VPS functions independently even if it shares a single physical server with one or more different VPS.

VPS hosting provides numerous benefits which will prove very useful for your server and these benefits will be outlined below.

  • Increased level of reliability.

Just like how bad cheese will corrupt other cheese around it, a user using his own server space wrongly will eventually cause the malfunctioning of a shared server thereby affecting other users who are on board the shared server.

The performance of your website and its loading speed will be affected if another user hosted on the same server begins to engage tasks on his website that disrupts the normal functioning of the shared server. This consequently reduces the reliability of shared servers. VPS hosting provides a solution for this by ensuring that nodes are not shared by many servers, thereby increasing uptime and ensuring a high level of performance on hosted sites and applications.


  • Control of the server.


An important attribute of VPS hosting is that it guarantees complete server control. When making use of shared hosting services, you would have to acquire support or permission from your host to install customized software. In the same vein, there is a limitation in the kind of software that can be used on shared servers. This challenge, however, is overcome by the VPS due to the fact that there is free root access between user and server. This root access makes it possible to adjust the environment of the server to suit the need of the user thereby granting the user full control of the server.


  • Software freedom.


Needs are different from user to user and so are choices of software because every software is designed to attend to particular needs. Your choice of software arising from your need may differ from that of another user, and this difference in choices will pose a major problem if you will have to use a shared server with the other user because every user on the server is forced to use a single type of operating system.

However, if you are to use VPS hosting, there is freedom of choice in choosing which operating system to use. Also, applications that have heavy resource features are not permitted on shared servers because they reduce the performance of some other applications being run on the server. This challenge is also resolved by the VPS due to the fact that if gives freedom to run any application of choice on it without problems.


  • Scale resources.


This feature is of particular benefit to users who are getting started with their websites. Every website starter or website owner has the ambition of recording more visitors to their sites, and if that should happen, there will be a need to increase the Random Access Memory (RAM) of their server. When using other hosting services, the RAM would be installed physically into the server which may cause issues such as loss in traffic or certain technical server problems, but with VPS hosting, you could increase the volume of your RAM by simply clicking a button.

This makes allocation of resources on your server fast and easy as you would require them because, on VPS, your server environment is located in what is known as a ‘container’. The amount of resources allotted to the container will be dependent on how much you can purchase.


  • Cloud backups


It is logical to have a backup plan. Many institutions have suffered regrettable losses due to loss of information that could have been avoided if they had a backup for storing important information.

Faults may occur, but with an efficient backup for your server, in any event of a disaster, you will escape unscathed. These backups are provided by VPS hosting services in the form of Cloud storage. You can store all the data in your VPS by scheduling backups and remain rest assured of zero losses on your server in any case of a disaster.


VPS hosting services are efficient and affordable. This means better packages of private and dedicated servers. It is well suited for small-scale businesses or medium range enterprises.

The advantageous features of the VPS server include the ability to adjust the environment of your server, increased reliability, freedom of software, cloud backup service, coupled with the benefit that you will be able to manage and maintain your website.

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