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What is a Cloud Application? – Definitions of Cloud Computing

What is a Cloud Application? Cloud-based applications – or cloud apps, – represent a type of software program where local components work hand-in-hand with cloud-based components, where users are allowed to use the application through a web browser, or even a mobile application.  Cloud apps may provide a number of features, some of these features may include: word processing, email, financial accounting, customer relationship,... read more

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Hosting Control Panel for Your Business

What is a Web Hosting Control Panel? Every website owner or web hosting service understands the difficulties associated with website management and server functionality without a management software like a web hosting control panel installed.  A web hosting control panel is simply a web-based interface that manages web hosting service accounts. It helps users to easily carry out functions to... read more

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Commands of Linux: Mid-level Commands for Advanced Users

Why commands are important for system administration  Commands for Linux servers are a set of instructions given to a computer program to perform a group of specified tasks (when such a computer is powered by a Linux server). These commands are usually issued by typing them through a command line which passes them to the shell, and then executes the... read more

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Linux vs Windows – Linux as Server

It may sound absurd; the idea of comparing the seemingly more popular Windows to Linux, but you might consider switching from one to the other after seeing the advantages and disadvantages of each operating system. Linux has tons of advantages over Windows, it also has its own fair share of disadvantages as well.  Linux is an open-source operating system. Linux... read more

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Tips for Boosting Linux Server: Linux Performance Tuning

Introduction No computer is complete without an operating system (OS). In less diplomatic terms, a computer without an operating system may be likened to a garbage container. An O.S. is a class of software known as system software that runs on every computer and is responsible for keeping applications and other programs in the computer operational. From simple tasks like... read more