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Hosting Control Panel for Your Business

What is a Web Hosting Control Panel? Every website owner or web hosting service understands the difficulties associated with website management and server functionality without a management software like a web hosting control panel installed.  A web hosting control panel is simply a web-based interface that manages web hosting service accounts. It helps users to easily carry out functions to... read more

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Optimize a Server for Ecommerce — Server Performance

What’s better for E-commerce  E-commerce is short for electronic commerce. It refers to commercial transactions or activities carried out on the internet. E-commerce works by transferring data and money through an electronic medium. The main purpose of E-commerce for a business owner is to take advantage of the internet’s wide reach to gain as many customers as possible. E-commerce is... read more

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“Small Business Servers: Cloud Server for Business

Today’s businesses run on data security, transfer and control. To efficiently run a business in modern times, you need to control and secure large racks of digital information. Thanks to dynamic tech industry, the cloud has become the norm with regard to data management. Only a few years ago, most companies had their servers within their premises and had to... read more

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cPanel: Guide for Beginners – Control Panel

What is CPanel?   A CPanel/Control panel is one of the most widely used words among tech savvy small business owners and for good reason. These days, virtually everyone relies heavily on the internet. The integration of commerce and the Internet has become especially evident, ensuring that internet savvy individuals and brands tend to make the cut. Businesses all around... read more

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Colocation or Dedicated Servers: How to Choose? – Dedicated Hosted Servers

As Internet technology continues to evolve, the need for servers and other associated network infrastructure will continue to increase, especially as with regard to the growing trend of cloud computing and IoT. A couple of decades ago the prerequisites for starting a business bordered on physical office space, a work telephone number, a PC and a printer. These days, however,... read more