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Dedicated Server Inside: Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting Company

Dedicated Server Hardware (component parts) Dedicated servers are servers that are configured to perform certain singular tasks to ensure speed, performance and efficiency. Dedicated servers basically offer hosting services to a single client as opposed to shared hosting. With dedicated servers, users are assured of higher flexibility, better organization, more security, and improved productivity for whatever purpose they want to... read more

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RAID Types for Servers – Definition of Raid

When it comes to server disk capacity optimization or data security, the sure solution for any organization is RAID. RAID is an acronym for the term “Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or “Independent”) Disks.” In a RAID set up, the data of an organization is copied into multiple disks, thus creating a fail-proof system where data is better optimized, and data... read more

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Best Location for Dedicated Servers in U.S.? – Web Servers Hosting

Best Location Choices for Dedicated Servers in the US In the modern day workplace, servers have become too important to the growth and success of a business venture, or indeed any brand at all to be treated with any form of laxity. In creating websites, a lot of thought and brainstorming is put into ensuring that the servers are structured... read more

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Storage for Dedicated Server – Cloud Data Storage

Types and capacity of storage. Today’s world is centered on research, knowledge and information is “data-consuming”. Thankfully, with the aid of technology through computing systems, the growing reliance on data can be sustained through various application hardware’s and software’s that help store this data and produces them when needed. Data storage can be described as a system whereby an electronic... read more

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Colocation or Dedicated Servers: How to Choose? – Dedicated Hosted Servers

As Internet technology continues to evolve, the need for servers and other associated network infrastructure will continue to increase, especially as with regard to the growing trend of cloud computing and IoT. A couple of decades ago the prerequisites for starting a business bordered on physical office space, a work telephone number, a PC and a printer. These days, however,... read more