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How to check your Linux server for vulnerabilities and protect it

What is vulnerability? Vulnerability is usually used to describe how exposed or susceptible something is to injury or attack. It means the same thing when used as a technical term. As a technical term, a vulnerability describes a weakness in a software, device, computer system, or process that exposes it to malicious attack. Linux vulnerabilities open a Linux server to... read more

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What Is A Brute Force Attack? — Brute Force Attack Definition

Brute Force Definition  In giving our brute force definition, we’d try to be as simplistic and relatable as possible. Brute force attack also referred to by some as brute force cracking, is a hacking tactic where hackers try to gain access to a computer server by trying a combination of possible passwords till they get the right one. Okay, we... read more

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Types Of Backups For Dedicated Servers

Data Backup Importance  Backing up data has been a priority for dedicated server users for a long time. To this end, many users invest in data security and recovery to mitigate the effects of data loss and corruption.  Backing up your data files is very important for every dedicated server user who needs to protect important, sensitive data from loss... read more

All About Resource DNS Records — What is a Record DNS

What is a DNS Resource Record?  DNS means Domain Name System. A DNS resource record is a database that stores entries entered by the DNS server. These records of DNS are then a reference point for a lot of activities including responding to clients’ queries with the DNS server. Data (records of DNS) are entered into the DNS server and... read more

SCP Linux Command for Remote File Copy

What is SCP?  If you would like to transfer files between Unix or Linux computers securely without having to worry about any unauthorized viewings, you’d need to do that with the SCP commands. SCP means secure copy. It is a command-line tool used to copy or transfer files and directories across Unix and Linux systems securely. For example, if you... read more