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Seattle is known for many things including a rich music history and iconic coffee. Most recently, though it has earned the distinction of being the fastest growing tech hub. This bustling and thriving city is set to attract even more businesses and young tech professionals as innovative companies set up shop and more technology-focused jobs are created.

While this growth means great things, it also means greater competition and a need to take every advantage a company can get. This includes ensuring your company’s website is never left in the dust simply because it doesn’t have fast enough loading speeds or bandwidth. One way to ensure this is to invest in Seattle dedicated servers.

Importance of Seattle Dedicated Servers

As a new or small company, it can be tempting to cut costs on things like shared servers. However, while a shared server may cost you less in monthly charges, it has the potential to lose you far more business in the long run.

Because shared servers are shared among multiple users, they will always be slower than dedicated servers. Moreover, shared server hosts tend to oversell server space which further weighs down the network and increases the chances of downtime and crashing.  Not only is this inconvenient, an ecommerce site can easily lose business through cart abandonment when shoppers are not able to access the checkout quickly enough.

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Instant Seattle Dedicated Servers Setup

Ready to finally get the speed you need to keep up with Seattle’s growth? GTHost can have you connected to your personal dedicated server within minutes of payment and confirmation. To learn more, contact us at 1-855-550-1010.

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