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black friday & cyber monday

Take 50% OFF the 1st month, promo code: BF-2021-1

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Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver

E3-1260Lv5, 16GB, 480GB SSD, IPMI, 300M - $59/mo.
E5-2640v3, 32GB, 2x480GB SSD, IPMI, 500M - $84/mo.

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SALE: Servers with 256GB RAM

Intel Xeon 1xE5-2695v2, 256GB, 2x480GB SSD, IPMI, 500M - $119/mo.
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2650v2, 256GB, 2x960GB SSD, IPMI, 500M - $149/mo.

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Storage Server in Denver

Xeon Silver 4208, 192GB DDR4, 2x480GB SSD, 2x7,68TB NVMe, 30x18TB SAS HDD, IPMI, 5Gbps Unmetered - $3,600

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Storage Server in Toronto

Xeon E5-2650v2, 64GB DDR3, 2x480GB SSD, 8x6TB SAS HDD, IPMI, 3Gbps Unmetered - $499

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