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Toronto is the center of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the most populous metropolitan area in Canada, that is home to 9.2 million people or over 26% of the population of Canada. Toronto is the largest metro market and central interconnection hub in Canada. We have direct connectivity to Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX), it is the largest IXP in Canada.


In Toronto, we have the best local connectivity with Bell, Rogers and Telus (1-2ms).


Our entire network is built solely on the Juniper equipment.


We provide only unmetered bandwidth. All our dedicated servers come with a minimum of 200Mbit/s Internet bandwidth. We provide guaranteed bandwidth in the Internet. Each our server has 1GE LAN, in this way that you will get 1GE between your local servers.


Providing the highest quality Internet connectivity and minimum latency to all points of the global Internet is our top priority. We have selected premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers. 


Dedicated server hosting with 100% SLA network uptime.

Toronto’s convenient location grants minimal latency to the East Coast of the USA and Canada.

Network latency from Toronto

Montreal 7ms
Los Angeles 64ms
New York 11ms
London 81ms
Chicago 11ms
Amsterdam 88ms
Dallas 33ms
Frankfurt 94ms
Miami 41ms
Tokyo 137ms
Seattle 51ms
Moscow 138ms
Vancouver 54ms
Singapore 209ms
San Jose 61ms
Sydney 249ms

Our NOC provides 24/7 monitoring of all our servers and network devices.

All our dedicated servers go with IPMI for easier server management.