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GTHost knows that having a fast, reliable internet connection is one of the primary functions necessary to run an online presence successfully for any company. To ensure we can provide this to our clients, we have created Los Angeles Networks with low latency and highest quality connectivity. Learn more now by contacting us HERE!.


The GTHost Advantage for Los Angeles Networks

GTHost has taken every measure possible to create Los Angeles Networks with low latency, high quality connectivity and secure connections. To increase security and create an ideal user experience we have built our networks with Juniper equipment exclusively. Juniper equipment has a wide range of advantages over other equipment options including a multitude of security measures in the form of VPNs and firewalls among others.

In addition to our Juniper equipment advantages, GTHost performs maintenance and troubleshooting with our own dedicated team. By not using an outsourced third party for these functions, we’re able to give our customers a premium service and minimal downtime for an affordable price.


To experience the GTHost advantage for your business, contact us HERE!

Our NOC provides 24/7 monitoring of all our servers and network devices.
All our dedicated servers go with IPMI for easier server management.

Los Angeles dedicated servers
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