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What Servers are good for Hosting Video Streaming Sites?

  It is no doubt that the advancements made in technology have truly revolutionized the globe. One sector that has experienced tremendous change is that of video streaming and web hosting. Did you know that streaming hosting is the most tedious and demanding type of hosting? Therefore, getting the perfect hosting can be a daunting task if not done properly.... read more

Should You Rent or Buy a Dedicated Server?

A web server is basically the engine that runs a website. The server is responsible for hosting content, thus enabling the site to be viewed and its resources accessed. A good server or server services are critical to the success of a business that depends on a website such as an e-commerce site. There are several types of hosting services... read more

What Is Voip Server And How It Works?

For organizations to run smoothly and all their departments to work in harmony, they need to have an effective communication plan. The type of plan that each organization chooses is unique depending on its needs. Some companies put more emphasis on voice communication while others prefer other methods such as video chat or exchanging emails. Voice communication is the most... read more

Differences between Windows Server and a Linux server

There are a huge variety of servers to choose from and each of them have distinct features. We’ll break down the most important points so you can understand the key differences between Windows Server and a Linux server. There has been a long debate for years among professionals and developers over which server is better. While it may appear that... read more

Dedicated Server Vs. Virtual Private Server

Small and large businesses have a range of server options to choose from to host their website, web application or mail server. It can be confusing to decide what to choose that will best meet the needs of a business, individual or organization. We’ll talk about the differences between a dedicated server and a virtual private server (VPS) as well... read more

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