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Colocation or Dedicated Servers: How to Choose? – Dedicated Hosted Servers

As Internet technology continues to evolve, the need for servers and other associated network infrastructure will continue to increase, especially as with regard to the growing trend of cloud computing and IoT. A couple of decades ago the prerequisites for starting a business bordered on physical office space, a work telephone number, a PC and a printer. These days, however,... read more

What are the Differences? Comparison: Managed vs. Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Introduction Servers perform the very important function of managing websites so that data is stored and accessible by authorized users. Without servers, it would be virtually impossible for many businesses to attain the online visibility and credibility they have today, which has led to massive growth and development of their business ventures. These site users and owners have the option... read more

Comparison: Bare Metal Server vs Dedicated Server

Choosing a server for your business can very easily be one of the most delicate decisions, you would have to make. In many cases, you are determined to make the best choice, but you cannot seem to understand the difference in application between a bare metal server and the dedicated server. In this article, we will compare and contrast both... read more

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Comparison: Dedicated Server Vs. Cloud server

Introduction The need for businesses to have a strong online presence cannot be over-emphasized. E-commerce is fast becoming the future of commerce and it can be predicted that it would soon completely take the place of traditional buying and selling in the nearest future. For this reason, more and more businesses are beginning to expand their tentacles to cover the... read more

What Is A Dedicated Server And Why Should You Have One?

Introduction One sure way to guarantee your business growth online is through a highly functional website. It is through business websites that potential customers are drawn to an online brand. While creativity, graphic designs, and general page aesthetics have a part to play in attracting customers to your website, it takes more than that to keep them on your page.... read more