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Reasons To Host Your Business On Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers: Benefits  Hosting business on the internet is not quite as easy as many persons think it is. To run a successful online business, a lot of factors have to come into play. Among these factors are your digital marketing skills, branding, product/service delivery strategies, and yes- your server hosting option. To improve customer experience and ensure that your... read more

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Types Of Backups For Dedicated Servers

Data Backup Importance  Backing up data has been a priority for dedicated server users for a long time. To this end, many users invest in data security and recovery to mitigate the effects of data loss and corruption.  Backing up your data files is very important for every dedicated server user who needs to protect important, sensitive data from loss... read more

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Hardware Raid or Software Raid — Raid Types

What Is Hardware RAID RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks and it is made to boost the reliability, data protection, and capacity of the hard disk. It is a system for data storage that uses virtualization technology to virtualize numerous independent hard disk drives into an array or more. The technology has two ways of implementation... read more

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How to List Users on Ubuntu Linux VPS

Reasons to View System Users in Ubuntu  It’s a well-known fact that the Linux server is the most preferred server among tech-enthusiasts for quite a number of amazing reasons. First, the Linux server is very powerful and can support the performance of as many activities you would like to carry on. It is open-source, safe and secure, has an amazing... read more

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Biggest Data Centers in the US — Top 10 Data Centers

How to Optimize Server for Big Data Analytics In recent times, firms, agencies, governments and consumers have largely embraced the need for collecting details of their transactions and storing them as data. As more transactions ensue, so does the size of the stored data. This data most times accumulate into sizes beyond the normal storage capacity of the firms, making... read more