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Choosing the Best Bare Metal Server for You

Instant Server
Setup in 15 mins

Chassis: Supermicro Blade
CPU: Xeon D-1531
Frequency: c6/t12 2.2-2.7GHz
RAM: 16Gb DDR4 2133MHz
Storage: 480GB SSD
Bandwidth: 300Mbit/s Unmetered
IPMI: Included
From US $59/month Daily trial price: US $5/day
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Instant Server
Setup in 15 mins

Chassis: Supermicro Blade
CPU: Xeon 1xE5-2640v4
Frequency: c10/t20 2.4-3.4GHz
RAM: 64Gb DDR4 2400MHz
Storage: 2x480GB SSD
Bandwidth: 500Mbit/s Unmetered
IPMI: Included
From US $89/month Daily trial price: US $6/day
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Instant Server
Setup in 15 mins

Chassis: Supermicro Blade
CPU: Xeon 2xE5-2650v2
Frequency: c16/t32 2.6-3.4GHz
RAM: 128Gb DDR3 1600MHz
Storage: 2x960GB SSD
Bandwidth: 500Mbit/s Unmetered
IPMI: Included
From US $149/month Daily trial price: US $8/day
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All our instant servers

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Boost Your Business in Toronto, Ontario

So you have a busy schedule and are bundled up in numerous tasks that need to be completed in no time! Worry not because GTHost’s dedicated servers in Canada has got you covered. With a wide range of benefits from internet speed to a dedicated server package in Toronto, GTHost’s offers you diverse features, packages and options around your budget and need to have quality servers in Toronto. Being our esteemed client means a lot to us and that is why we accompany the dedicated servers with ready and outstanding customer service and detailed maintenance and support.

You probably ask, why get the Canada dedicated servers in Toronto and not the usual shared packages go for the Canada. Well, the shared packages come at a cheap price at first but end up being very expensive considering the slow speeds and especially in a high-traffic place like Toronto. It is wise to go for cheap dedicated servers in a high-traffic area like this to ensure your business remains spot on with increased ranking in major search engines.

Toronto Dedicated Servers

How fast does your Page load in Vancouver?

Having trouble loading a page is the last thing your business needs especially in a mountainous region like Vancouver. But GTHost gives your site the boost it direly requires with the cheap Canada dedicated servers in Vancouver. GTHost covers you with a fast, unmetered bandwidth that is free to set up and maintain courtesy of our team of experts just to ensure the dedicated servers are up and running your site fast enough to serve both you and your clients.

Besides the boost in page loading, GTHost dedicated servers provide you a cheap dedicated server that is faster than the usual shared server, which may seem cheap at first but end up being extremely costly. The inconveniences of a shared server cannot be over-expressed, from slow speeds to bored clients who often leave their carts on a site if a page is taking too long to load. Imagine how negatively that will impact your ranking on a search engine if at all you allowed that to happen! So be on the safer and better side and get the GTHost Vancouver dedicated servers to increase your speeds and better your site to both clients and search engines. Reach us now for more info and you will be set up in no time!

Vancouver Dedicated Servers


Unmetered Bandwidth for the Canada dedicated servers in Montreal

With free trial server testing of the best dedicated servers that we offer, you can easily get setup in Montreal. At a convenient and reasonable cost, your business gets a rent dedicated server courtesy of the GTHost best dedicated servers in Canada. Keep up with the shared servers and continue experiencing overloads of traffic because of other sites slagging on your server. Avoid this inconvenience and get started with the best dedicated servers offered to you by GTHost.

We have a highly trained professional tem ready to troubleshoot your problems and answer all your queries just to make sure you are satisfied.

Montreal Dedicated Servers

Canada is a beautiful country that has a lot of urban features which serves as a major point of attraction for people all over the world year in year out. The beauty of Canada is as much in its beautiful buildings, facilities and structures as well as in the different people who live together and share their culture daily, creating a wonderful atmosphere for life to go on.

This energetic city naturally plays home to a lot of businesses, companies and startups that rely on having a presence online to drive awareness, traffic and sales to them. For you to have a thriving online presence, it is very important that your website is able to give your customers a satisfying quality experience to ensure that first times customers consequently become return. And for your website to actualize such dynamic abilities, it has to function seamlessly devoid of a slow loading time or other downtime issues. It is true what they say, content is king, but speed is queen.

A Canadian dedicated server becomes the answer to this need, and GTHost is the perfect company to provide you with it. At GTHost, we realize the importance of a website to a business and also the risks and disaster which a bad or slow website can bring to a business and that is why, combined with our understanding and experience in handling websites, we have designed dedicated Canadian servers that are sure to give your site that particular thing you need -speed and reliability, amongst many more features.

One of the popular risks that a slow website can earn you is cart abandonment as studies have confirmed. More than half of shoppers will abandon their carts when a page doesn't load within 3 seconds! Got that? Can your site live up to these lofty expectations?

At GTHost, we know that many small or medium sized businesses likely use or have used shared servers in order to save costs but what many of them fail to't consider is that the cost of a slow website far outweighs the cost of getting a very fast one.

Shared servers are usually slower than dedicated servers obviously because they serve lots of sites at once, and if you're using one and experiencing the loss of customers due to slow loading time, it is probably the best time for you to make the switch to a dedicated Server Hosting to help correct this. GTHost is the perfect option for you.

Need help choosing a cheap dedicated server? Canada markets can reach us by contacting us HERE! 

An Innovative Solution

GTHost is exceptionally unique from other server providers as it's willing to offer you it's unique technologies, such as hardware, network, unmetered bandwidth, computing technology and large storage space.

All aspects of our Canadian dedicated servers are designed to be fully reliable, to have outstanding performance, and superior customer experience in mind. All these factors are vital to deliver the best dedicated hosting experience, which is why GTHost has been trusted over the years to handle industry leaders critical business needs.

Our servers are one of the best dedicated server hosting options in Canada, we are committed to delivering an outstanding server hosting experience by offering the following unique features:

- 100% uptime and 24/7 online customer support: You will never get stranded with our dedicated 24/7 customer service options which assists you at any time of the day.

- Increase the page speed of your site which is essential to increasing your total visits and is a major determinant in Google page ranking as Google uses page speed to position search results which makes your site more visible to more customers.

- Unmetered Bandwidth: This is another unique feature of our dedicated server hosting which means that whenever your site experiences high traffic with regards amount of data, you will not be charged for those peak periods. At different times and seasons such as holidays, during giveaways, special promotions, and other events and occasions, many businesses experience high volume of traffic, when using our dedicated server hosting plan, you are not required to pay any extra fees which is quite the advantage to businesses as all business owners look out to reduce costs in order to stay within their budget.

There are many companies who charge more when you experience high amount of traffic but with GTHost, there are no surprise charges attached to any hosting plans of your choice.

- Free, fast Setup: Another added advantage is our free setup which is also exceptionally fast. After receiving your service request and payment confirmation, we can setup your server and have it running in as little as five to fifteen minutes.

-RAM: Never run out of memory because it has an adverse effect of slowing down your website which can be quite an unpleasant experience to visitors. At GTHost, our RAM options range from 16GB to 256GB, and has the ability to ensure that your website is as fast as you would want it to be.

Websites with complex graphics and information would naturally require additional RAM to perform smoothly, however, websites with subtle features or websites without intensive graphics designs that would require additional RAM can reduce cost with less RAM without losing site functionality.

- Low-cost trial period: Before choosing the right package for your website, you might be confused as to which package would be the best package for your website. At GTHost dedicated server hosting, you have the option to test any of our packages for as low as $5/day which would help you to select the best option for your website. During the trial period, you have the option to pick your speed, storage option, server location and many other customizable options to get the right mix for your website and when the trial period is over, you could choose another trial to test-run or select one of our short-term contracts.

- Short contracts: At GTHost dedicated server hosting, we offer short contracts which gives you the advantage of test-running our hosting server for a short period of time. This option is a great advantage to website owners who would not want to feel trapped with long term contracts when they feel the need to exit the contract.

You can check out our various packages and choose the one you would like to give a try. Remember you can start a trial period and access our featured before you decide on the package you want.

Our agents are always on hand to guide you through the selection process.

GTHost dedicated servers are not just designed to host your webpages but are also designed to ensure that your needs are met for the money you pay. You are only a step away from setting up your site on our dedicated servers.

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