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Our dedicated servers are located at the Cologix TOR 1 Toronto Data Center in Ontario, Canada. (151 Front str. West). It is the most connected building in Canada. More than 150 unique networks in the onsite Meet-Me-Room, and the Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX).


Cologix Toronto matches customers’ redundancy needs, with highly reliable power solutions including 2N uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and backup generators. The site also utilizes redundant, on-site chillers alongside the energyefficient Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling system, which uses cold water from Lake Ontario to cool the building. The technology-forward hot aisle containment system with in-row cooling also provides rapid power installs as well as flexibility on power densities.


The Cologix DC is manned 24/7 by security guards and also protected via dual interlocking doors, keycard access, biometric, tailgate-proof mantrap, and closed-circuit TV (CCTV) systems.


Closed-Circuit TV:
Customized Security: For dedicated pods, cages & suites
On-site Guards: 24/7
Access: HID access card
Man Traps: Dual interlocking doors in building lobby


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Powerware 9390, APC Symettra PX N & 2N
Load Design: 150 watts per SQF (higher density configurations available in excess of 8 kW/cabinet)
Configurations: N (single UPS & single generator) or 2N (redundant UPS & generator)
Entrances: Diverse power entrance facilities
Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS): Diverse
Battery Type: Valve-regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA)
Battery Monitoring: Canara
Backup Generators: Multiple generators
Fuel Run-Time: Diesel, minimum 24-hours at full load
Remotely Monitored: Cologix Command

Fire Protection

Fire Protection: FM-200
Fire Suppression: Multi-zone
Remotely Monitored:

Environmental Controls

Cooling System: Dynamic in-row cooling (N+1) with APC hot aisle containment pods
Cooling Capacity: 3,000 tons
Cooling Type: Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling system
Redundant: Backup chillers (Enwave & on-site)
Humidification: Steam
Remotely Monitored:

Site Utility

Electric: 13.8 kV
Utility Provider: Toronto Hydro
Redundant Power Feeds: Primary & standby redundant feeders
Power from Substation: 12 MW
Water: Chilled water loop connected to building-owned Enwave deep lake water cooling system
Service to Site: 14” main
Nominal Pressure: 85 psi
Data Center