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Tiers of Data Center – Tier Data Center Classification

What are Data Center Tiers? A data center is a physical location that houses specialized computing equipment and servers for the purpose of managing and accessing heavy amounts of data. A data center is also called a ‘computer room’. Any individual, organization, or body that needs huge data to be stored, transferred, created, or used for one purpose or another... read more

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Benefits of Using a VPS — VPS Hosting

In recent years the use of virtual private servers (VPS) and VPS hosting has dramatically increased. This may be due to the fact that virtualization incurs less cost and has increased performance. Virtual private servers or VPSs are servers created through the use of software that runs virtualization packages for private users. A VPS functions independently even if it shares... read more

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Commands of Linux: Mid-level Commands for Advanced Users

Why commands are important for system administration  Commands for Linux servers are a set of instructions given to a computer program to perform a group of specified tasks (when such a computer is powered by a Linux server). These commands are usually issued by typing them through a command line which passes them to the shell, and then executes the... read more

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Linux vs Windows – Linux as Server

It may sound absurd; the idea of comparing the seemingly more popular Windows to Linux, but you might consider switching from one to the other after seeing the advantages and disadvantages of each operating system. Linux has tons of advantages over Windows, it also has its own fair share of disadvantages as well.  Linux is an open-source operating system. Linux... read more

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Guide to Xeon Servers — Processor for Servers

What is a Xeon Server?  Xeon servers are basically servers embedded with Xeon processors manufactured by tech-company Intel. The word ‘Xeon’ is actually a name which encapsulates both the x86 server and the workstation processor and it has been used for a long while now.  The architecture of Xeon features a microprocessor of 400 MHz Pentium, and due to its fascinating... read more

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Tips for Boosting Linux Server: Linux Performance Tuning

Introduction No computer is complete without an operating system (OS). In less diplomatic terms, a computer without an operating system may be likened to a garbage container. An O.S. is a class of software known as system software that runs on every computer and is responsible for keeping applications and other programs in the computer operational. From simple tasks like... read more

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“Small Business Servers: Cloud Server for Business

Today’s businesses run on data security, transfer and control. To efficiently run a business in modern times, you need to control and secure large racks of digital information. Thanks to dynamic tech industry, the cloud has become the norm with regard to data management. Only a few years ago, most companies had their servers within their premises and had to... read more

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Linux Server Backup and Recovery: How the RAID Backup Functions and Work

There are many reasons companies and individuals have for investing so much in data backup and recovery. Information is always very important to every business and having a system that enables you to retrieve data after it has been lost or mistakenly deleted is a huge relief. For this purpose, backup and recovery refer to a system of storing copies... read more

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Dedicated Server Inside: Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting Company

Dedicated Server Hardware (component parts) Dedicated servers are servers that are configured to perform certain singular tasks to ensure speed, performance and efficiency. Dedicated servers basically offer hosting services to a single client as opposed to shared hosting. With dedicated servers, users are assured of higher flexibility, better organization, more security, and improved productivity for whatever purpose they want to... read more

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Media servers for Linux: Plex, Emby, Jellyfin and Subsonic

Linux has been tagged the OS with no fun at all. This is due to the fact that the Linux operating system is like the programmer’s favorite. Though there is much truth in this, a large percentage of people make use of the Linux operating systems software for other things such as graphics designing, writing, music production, and also for... read more

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Commands of Linux: from Newbies to System Administrator (Part 1)

Learning of computer commands are not just for computer programmers alone. Command refers to any phrase, word, or symbol, etc that when inputted into a computer system, compels it to perform certain functions. The keyword here is “compel”. This is because just like a command given by senior military personnel to his junior counterparts, computer commands cannot be ignored, and... read more