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How to List Users on Ubuntu Linux VPS

Reasons to View System Users in Ubuntu  It’s a well-known fact that the Linux server is the most preferred server among tech-enthusiasts for quite a number of amazing reasons. First, the Linux server is very powerful and can support the performance of as many activities you would like to carry on. It is open-source, safe and secure, has an amazing... read more

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All About Resource DNS Records — What is a Record DNS

What is a DNS Resource Record?  DNS means Domain Name System. A DNS resource record is a database that stores entries entered by the DNS server. These records of DNS are then a reference point for a lot of activities including responding to clients’ queries with the DNS server. Data (records of DNS) are entered into the DNS server and... read more

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How to Send Emails Using PHP Mail and PHPMailer

Using PHP mail() Function  Although it may look daunting, using the PHP mail() function is quite easy once you’ve taken time to read about it and understand how it works, particularly if you’re using a Linux server. The PHP mail() function is an inbuilt function that requires the user to manage the Sendmail service option manually, as the PHP mail()... read more

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SCP Linux Command for Remote File Copy

What is SCP?  If you would like to transfer files between Unix or Linux computers securely without having to worry about any unauthorized viewings, you’d need to do that with the SCP commands. SCP means secure copy. It is a command-line tool used to copy or transfer files and directories across Unix and Linux systems securely. For example, if you... read more

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Joomla on Your Web Host — Review Joomla

 What Is Joomla? Thanks to the emergence of e-commerce, and the need for online presence by large organizations, there exists a growing number of websites, and content management solutions (CMS). Some of which include Wix, and WordPress to mention but a few.  Joomla represents the top of the crop in a tightly contested industry. It is an effective tool in... read more

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How to Select the Right Colocation Provider and Data Center?

Introduction A colocation provider operates a colocation facility that enables businesses and organizations to rent spaces for their serves and other physical equipment. Colocation providers are usually confused with dedicated hosting service providers, and understandably so because both colocation and dedicated hosting servers are stored in data centers that provide the facilities for maintaining these servers.  The major difference between... read more

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Cloud Storage Security — Security of the Cloud

Introduction  The rate of cloud migration in recent times is unprecedented. Because of the numerous benefits of having a cloud server, increasingly high numbers of individuals that fouls and organizations alike are beginning to trust cloud computing as a better option compared to physical servers. There is, however, some level of storage security concern that allows cloud computing.  Organizations build... read more

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Checklist Steps Cloud Migration — Server Performance

Introduction From fashion to electric gadgets and virtually every other thing we deem important, many of us love to get involved with the latest trends. Apart from the fact that trends usually evolve to suit current needs and eras, sticking to the latest trends ensures a certain feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. This is particularly true for an ever-evolving industry... read more

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Biggest Data Centers in the US — Top 10 Data Centers

How to Optimize Server for Big Data Analytics In recent times, firms, agencies, governments and consumers have largely embraced the need for collecting details of their transactions and storing them as data. As more transactions ensue, so does the size of the stored data. This data most times accumulate into sizes beyond the normal storage capacity of the firms, making... read more

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Why is SSL Important? — How Get SSL Certificate

Introduction   Cybersecurity is a big deal for us in this age and time because of how much technology has come to be a part of our everyday life.  Almost every human activity can now be done over the internet especially as it relates to e-commerce. This indicates that a lot of times, our personal information is inputted into a computer... read more

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Commands of Linux: High-level Commands for Expert (Part 3)

In previous articles, we have discussed what a command means and have also discussed commands of the Linux server for beginners in part 1. In part 2, we discussed commands of the Linux server for mid-level Linux users. As a sequel part 1 and 2, we are concerned with high-level commands for experts. Why commands are important for system administration ... read more