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Is It Possible to DDoS Dedicated Server?

The internet has come to stay and is constantly evolving to suit changing societal needs. For business owners and clients alike, the internet has made commerce much easier and faster. However, they also have many concerns about keeping their sensitive data safe in cyberspace. Data security is a priority for many internet users, and everyone would do everything possible to... read more

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Why is a Dedicated Server More Secure?

Nowadays, you need the internet for almost everything. From conducting research to entertainment and commerce, there’s hardly anything you can’t do online. Regardless of why you use the internet, one thing is clear—you need a quality server for the best user experience. If you wish to get your website online, you sure can’t do without a server. A server is... read more

Why Does My VPS Disconnect When I Use VPN?

Every website needs a server to run optimally. This implies that web owners usually subscribe to a server hosting option that suits their peculiar needs. One of such types of server hosting is the VPS (Virtual Private Server). The VPS is somewhere between dedicated and shared hosting, as it combines some characteristics of both hosting solutions. It’s a small dedicated... read more

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What to do when VPN is blocked

If you’re reading this, then you really need to access a website that your region or location doesn’t exactly permit. Here are a couple of things to do if your VPN has been blocked. How to Bypass VPN blocks Are you trying to access a site and for some reason, you can’t get through it? Even though you’ve used VPN?... read more

What is VPN protection and why do you need it?

The full meaning of the acronym VPN is Virtual Private Network. A Virtual Private Network is a network that makes it possible for you to secure a connection by setting up another network on the internet. These Virtual Protection Networks can be used to gain access to websites that are region-restricted. They also offer a high level of privacy for... read more

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What Can I Do With a Dedicated Server?

A server is a computer that manages, stores, transfers, and processes information. It also provides programs, data, resources, and services to other computers (called client machines). A server has a configuration that allows it to respond to requests from other computers. There are different kinds of servers, and they’re classified according to their functions. As a business website owner, it’s... read more

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How To Choose The Right Data Center For Your Business?

Definition of Data Data is simply a collection of information.  A Data Center refers to a physical location where equipment used for collecting, processing, storing, networking and distributing large amounts of data is concentrated. How does a Data Center operate? A data center could be located in a building specially made to house all the machines that collect, process, store... read more

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How Does a Dedicated Server Work?

A dedicated server describes a form of web hosting where consumers have exclusive use of an entire server. It’s a server that has dedicated its full resources to serve a single tenant. They are the go-to choice of web hosting, especially for hosting websites with lots of visitors. Large organizations can perform complex tasks without hitches when they use dedicated... read more

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Is There A Difference In Speed Based On Dedicated Server Location?

To properly understand this topic, it is very important to know what a dedicated server is. What is a Dedicated Server? A dedicated server is literally a server entirely dedicated to your website and all its needs. All resources of the server are utilized by only one individual. A dedicated server is not shared by multiple users as is the... read more

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The full meaning of VPS is Virtual Private Server. VPS is a type of hosting service used for websites. With the use of virtualization technology, VPS provides users with private resources on a server that has more than one user. It is small scale and much more affordable than renting a whole server. It also provides you with your own... read more

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It is one thing to own a site and it definitely is another to make sure that the site is up and running efficiently, user friendly, has the basic requirements and the most important features that a site would need to operate. These often represent the necessary criteria to ensure that users across the globe have a good experience anytime... read more