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How To Restore Server Data From a Backup

Data backup has become a commonplace as the need to secure data files is of immense importance. The essence of backing up your server data is to minimize the loss of files after errors or system failures.  Without backups, any damage to the server would imply having to start building files from the scratch. Whenever backup data is needed to... read more

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How Dedicated Hosting Can Help Increase Your eCommerce Revenue

In recent times, there has been an influx of businesses directly trading on the internet or indirectly making profits from the internet through online marketing and the likes. It won’t be out of place for the firm to own a website on the internet space.  To own a website, one has to either share hosts or use a dedicated server.... read more

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Top 10 Open Source Backup Software for Linux

When it comes to data security, having software that guarantees the safety of your data in case of any mishap is essential. The software has been developed to cater to the data recovery needs of Linux users. This article reviews the top 10 software built specifically for this purpose. The importance of backing up your data Modern computers are built... read more

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What is CDN hosting — CDN Meaning

One technology that has improved website experience for users and web owners over the years is the CDN. While many confuse its function and features with that of traditional web hosting, there happen to be distinct differences between them. Those differences will be discussed in this article. What is a CDN? You may have come across the word but your... read more

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What Is Server Load Balancing

What Is Load Balancing? If you’re hosting a website on the internet, you’d probably already know this – you need a quality server to manage your web hosting and achieve optimal productivity.  But merely getting a quality server to host your website on isn’t enough, you’d also have to ensure that your server has enough resources to manage the bulk... read more

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Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

As a new website owner, the first thing you’d notice is how well you’d depend on your server to keep your site functional. You’d also realize that different server hosting services have different features and deliver different results. If you’re using shared hosting, you may start noticing that your websites aren’t performing as optimally as they used to and that... read more

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What is Colocation?

If you own a business or run a company, you should already know that you need servers to carry out major business functions. You’d need servers for data backups, printing services, for hosting applications and perform almost every other office function.  Servers also help you to share files between two computers and perform some security functions too. Servers are not... read more

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How to check your Linux server for vulnerabilities and protect it

What is vulnerability? Vulnerability is usually used to describe how exposed or susceptible something is to injury or attack. It means the same thing when used as a technical term. As a technical term, a vulnerability describes a weakness in a software, device, computer system, or process that exposes it to malicious attack. Linux vulnerabilities open a Linux server to... read more

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Top Tools For Windows Server Admin — Clonezilla, RSAT, PuTTy

What Are Remote Server Administration Tools?  Remote server administration tools (RSAT) as the name suggests, are tools that allow administrators to manage their servers remotely. They are still properly put, RSAT allows IT, administrators, to manage a Windows server remotely from a computer that runs on windows 10, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 7, or Windows Vista. They are also... read more

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Dedicated Servers Basic Terms — Hardware and Software Server Terms

A dedicated server is a single computer reserved specifically for one user. Unlike shared servers that have their resources shared among multiple users, the dedicated server allows only one user exclusive access to the resources available. The dedicated server is more expensive than the shared server because of the obvious advantages it has over the shared servers. Online business owners... read more

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The Signs When The Time To Change Server

Running a successful online business involves lots of planning and strategizing all made possible by the server.  A server helps to keep a website functional and makes it easy for customers to interact with the brand in no time.  The server also provides adequate security for customer data and plays an important role in making e-commerce transactions possible. You see,... read more