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With its thriving business center and telecommunications industry, Frankfurt businesses and enterprises require reliable, dedicated networks to optimize connectivity and aid business processes. GTHost Frankfurt Networks employ a range of applications, services and security measures to ensure our clients get optimal speeds and other advantages. To learn more about the GTHost advantage, contact us HERE!


Frankfurt Networks for International Enterprises

GTHost’s access to over 500 internet service providers and carriers makes us an optimal choice for international businesses. By choosing our Frankfurt Networks, your corporation will have a strategic point of connection in this large section of the European economy to serve your employees and customers better.


The GTHost Frankfurt Networks Advantage

Along with our access to Europe’s DE-CIX Internet exchange, GTHost also uses Juniper equipment in our networks. With Juniper, we create an exceptionally secure network that also has a better user experience with easy to learn controls and fast troubleshooting options. Additionally, we perform in-house maintenance to decrease costs and expedite all issue resolution.


To learn more about the GTHost advantage with for Amsterdam Networks, contact us HERE!

Amsterdam’s convenient location grants minimal latency across Europe.


Frankrfurt 7ms
New York 83ms
Paris 10ms
Toronto 94ms
London 13ms
Chicago 105ms
Stockholm 20ms
Miami 113ms
Rome 25ms
Dallas 124ms
Madrid 27ms
Seattle 146ms
Kyiv 28ms
Los Angeles 155ms
Istambul 37ms
Hong Kong 188ms
Moscow 41ms
Tokyo 231ms
Jerusalem 54ms
Sydney 275ms

Our NOC provides 24/7 monitoring of all our servers and network devices.

All our dedicated servers go with IPMI for easier server management.

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