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Our New York dedicated servers offers excellent low-latency network connectivity to East coast of the USA

All dedicated servers in New York City include: Support 24/7 GTHost provides technical support 24/7 via the GTHost client portal. Automatic Billing Our Automatic Billing works 24/7. We accept PayPal payments and all major credit cards. IPMI - KVM over IP Support: Using a Java based console it's possible to gain full graphical KVM access to a system over an IP network. This allows access at all times, even before an O/S has booted, this means that you can gain access to the BIOS or DOS applications, It's even possible to perform installations of Linux and Windows remotely from this console. - Remote Media Redirection: Typically integrated into the KVM over IP support this feature enables the administrator to physically attach USB storage devices to the remote controlled system. This is in the format of a local physical drive such as a USB pen drive attached to the administrators system or an image file of a DVD/CD in ISO format or even a floppy raw disk image. This means that when combined with KVM over IP O/S installs and firmware / BIOS updates are possible remotely without any need for local hands on support. Unmetered Bandwidth Never worry about bandwidth overage charges again. Each of our dedicated servers include 200Mbit/s of unmetered, unshared bandwidth. That’s enough bandwidth for virtually any project. Remote Power Control With remote power control, you can instantly power off, power on, or reboot your dedicated server via the GTHost client portal. 200Mbps Port Speed All dedicated servers include 200Mbps port bandwidth. You can upgrade your bandwidth via the GTHost client portal up to 1Gbit/s. Automated OS Installs Automatically reinstall your server's operating system via the GTHost client portal, within the click of a few buttons. Dual Power Supply Redundancy All of our dedicated servers come with dual hot-swappable power supplies. Server reliability is further enhanced by plugging each power supply into a different circuit breaker.