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Do you know the differences?

With the dawn of the internet age, you can now create an online presence for your business by simply having a website. In some cases, there are some businesses that are strictly online based which means that they run as a website. But websites don’t just come out of the blue, you need a place where you can host it.
The host is often determined by the type of server that you choose. You can either go for a cloud server or a dedicated server. I would like to take you through the comparison between a cloud and a dedicated server so that you can know their differences and understand their benefits to your business.

What is an Ideal Server for Your Business?

Having a website that takes long to load in-between pages can be annoying and unnecessary. If you happen to have a website that has constant traffic, even a one-second delay on the webpage response can potentially lead to a 7% customer loss. Ideally, this is a huge blow to the company’s image since the move also has a negative impact on sales. What has made this even worse is the fact that some search engines have updated their algorithm to indicate the speed of the page loadout. This only means that more companies may be missing out on customers simply due to slower load time, that can eventually make your rankings suffer. I would also like to mention that load-time is just one major importance of web hosting. While there are other essential factors behind it, it’s important to remember that the type of web host you choose is what will either cost or benefit your business at the end of the day.

Cloud Vs Dedicated Servers

In order to have a good insight about web hosting servers, I’ll go ahead and break it down for you in a way that you can comprehend. Cloud computing may be described as a technology that acts as a single unit, but generally comprises of an infinite number of servers. The idea behind it is that information gets to be stored ‘in the cloud’ which is basically a virtual space that can be accessed by various authorized devices at any point and time. The cloud servers are set up in different physical hubs all over the globe.

They can be located in data center facilities that have the ability to share resources and intercommunicate with each other. On the other hand, a dedicated hosting ecosystem doesn’t employ the same concept of virtual space. There’s a physical piece of hardware that is completely responsible for all the sharing of data.


How a Cloud Server Operates

A cloud server host is basically a virtualized hosting platform. Several bare metal servers are the ones that provide the necessary support for several other cloud servers. In other words, numerous virtual servers are hosted by physical servers. Technically, creating a virtual server is no big work for most cloud hosting companies.

This goes hand in hand with sending and receiving information from the same. The main advantage of cloud computing is its flexibility. The downside of this service is that you’re only paying for the virtual space which means that you have no right of entry into the operating system of the base unit.

How a Dedicated Server Operates

The main advantage that a dedicated server has from a cloud one is that there’s potential for just one client to be on a physical server all alone. This means that the client can access the base unit of the server, hence they have the freedom to utilize all the resources provided. This makes it easier to host your website as a result of having the right to customize resources in accordance to your demands. This usually includes the type of processor, Random Access Memory (RAM), Storage and bandwidth load. Dedicated servers are mostly facilitated by multiple processors, hence making them the most powerful ranked machines on the website hosting market. To make this even better, a client is in the position to request for a cluster of servers. This is built on virtual technology where several dedicated servers donate to the available resources in a single virtual location. This sort of concept under dedicated server hosting is referred to as ‘private cloud computing’.


If you want to have an ideal website for your business, you have to choose the appropriate web hosting services. Cloud servers are not costly to maintain since your provider takes care of that. They are preferable if you don’t mind giving some of the website’s control to the provider. On the other hand, dedicated servers are placed somewhere you can easily access them. You may have to take care of their maintenance, but the good thing is that you have total control of your site


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