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If you are a business owner wondering whether or not you should spend the extra money for a dedicated server, please read on. First, there is a lot of misunderstanding about what a dedicated server is and what it does.
A dedicated server is actually a direct line from you to your internet network. It allows you to have a non-shared connection to everything you do on the internet without interruption. There is less downtime with a dedicated server than with shared systems because you are not competing for resources and bandwidth.

If having less downtime is crucial to you, one advantage to a dedicated server is that you will have less downtime and be more productive than with a shared server.

Types of Servers

There are three major types of servers that business owners can look into for their online server needs.

As you can see, there are some vast differences between these three major types of servers. The shared server is cheaper because it is a public utility that is shared with everyone else who is also on the server. VPNs are private, but they are not a true dedicated server since they operate by using another server ‘in the cloud’ that is owned by someone else. When you have a real dedicated server, you have the equipment in your possession and therefore, control it all.

To business owners who find it important to house their equipment in their physical location or want to have the most control possible over their server, the DS is the best solution. If money is an issue, you may want to readjust your budget so that you can afford to purchase a DS system rather than have to rely on a VPS or the shared server that does not give you the control you need.

More Security, More Responsibility

Another plus to having a dedicated server is that you have more security than you do with a shared services system. Why is this? Because you are the only one on your network essentially, you’re going to have more security. But you will also have to learn to maintain it yourself.

You are also responsible for the security of your customers that trust you with their data. You might need to take extra legal precautions to make sure your users understand that you are now in charge of all the security on your website and that you are not liable for losses or data corruption. Some things cannot be helped but clients may still hold you legally responsible if their data falls into the wrong hands or if your system is hacked or compromised.

The biggest threat to your security is the possibility of personal data or financially sensitive information. As a business owner, you must also protect this information for your customers. You should work on getting a security system in place to protect your server if you decide on a dedicated server.

You may wonder why you’re paying the extra money if you have to do the security yourself. There are a few added responsibilities with a private server. But most business owners feel it is worth the extra money. A few pains that you have to take to learn how to manipulate the various aspects of a private server are worth it. What you get back is the ultimate freedom to do whatever you want to do with your server, and you have access from anywhere at any time with much less downtime.

AI and Automation

One of the biggest concerns of site owners and business owners is that AI and automation has a mind of its own. Artificial intelligence engines and automation services are supposed to serve the purpose of helping people become more efficient. But instead, we end up worrying about what they are doing that we do not have control of.
Big data has taken over the world, and it’s often hard for us to tell exactly what is going on with our data and our customers that as well. But with a dedicated server you always know because you are ultimately in charge of the data and it stays at the top with you where it belongs.

How to choose the best dedicated-server?

Check the track record of the dedicated server company that you plan to use. Check to see if they have had major problems with customers of the past and more importantly how they solve these issues. Remember that when you have a dedicated server, you are on a server by yourself. The only type of failure you will have is a hardware failure. So make sure your hardware is in excellent condition when you get it.

Check to make sure that your server company uses the latest technologies with their hardware. This will result in fewer hardware failures, and you will know that you are getting cutting-edge equipment that won’t break down quickly. It will also be more compatible with the internet and what you need to do online.

Be familiar with the company’s policies and terms and conditions of service. They also have specific contracts regarding the equipment and how long you will be renting or keeping the equipment under your name. Make sure that you read all the fine print and understand the terms and conditions before signing an agreement.

Use a company that can customize your plan with your budget. Every business has a budget and server companies understand this. But you will have to communicate with them to make sure that you understand what the cost will be and whether you can afford what you are ordering.

Find out if the company you were considering using has 24/7 tech support because you may need it if you run into problems with your hardware or your server. Remember that if you’re not experienced with servers of this type and how to run them, you may need more help operating the equipment than you think. You might even want to outsource this job to your IT person if you have one or consider outsourcing the maintenance of your server to someone who knows what they’re doing.

Dedicated servers in Canada

If you live in Canada and are shopping for a dedicated server system for your company, you can check out some of the links below. They offer dedicated servers for a bit lower price, and some are offering special sales right now to start the new year.

OVH.com– OVH offers anti-DDoS protection, which is important for security, plus a host of other features that will allow you to scale your bandwidth to your needs and more.

Liquid Web– Another dedicated server company in Canada that offers some different solutions to provide business owners and organizations with a DS at a reasonable price. They have a winter sale in progress and a plethora of other services that complement your DS such as private cloud, VPS services, and more. They will even custom-build your server to work with a Linux system.

Is Dedicated Server worth the money?

The cost of most dedicated servers is going to run you around $200 per month at the low end to around $1,000 US dollars on the high end. This is a major expense for a new business, but it is worth it in most cases. Some business owners who handle a large amount of data or need total control of their server opt to focus on this and budget for it ahead of time.

Others cannot afford this type of setup so they may begin with a VPS or shared server, which is much cheaper then move to a dedicated server later. Only you can decide if it is worth the money to you as a business owner. But most people choose that it is due to what they get in return.

Conclusion: Dedicated or VPS?

The benefits of having a dedicated or private server outweigh the headaches in learning the system and the control that you have when you keep your server in your own hands. Deciding which system to get requires a little more research on your part in exactly how each one works. A dedicated server company can easily explain the differences to you.

A VPS is a private server that you purchase as a “software as a service” product. You don’t own the server with a VPS, but you pay a monthly premium for the use of the equipment that is housed on an individual private server. You still get many of the benefits that you get with a DS, but you do not house the equipment in your location. Instead, it is online. That’s why it is called a virtual private server.

How to Meet Your Budget Needs Through Customization

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to know what you can afford within the constraints of your budget limits. This is part of your business plan and you should consider carefully what you could afford before you start looking for a server.

It is important to remember the difference between a virtual private server, a shared server, and a dedicated server when you were counting the cost of your business overhead and deciding what is best for you.

All-in-all, you’ll get more for your money with your dedicated server and have less downtime provided you find a dedicated hosting server that keeps up with the latest technology and provides the best hardware available that is both dependable and reliable over time.

Good luck with your decision and remember paying a bit more for service sometimes is better than reaping the problems of a cheaper solution. We hope this information will help you make a more informed decision on your server needs

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